Straight from the heart

*Firstly i don't own any of the pictures i will be using. I found them on google, tumbler etc. credits to the owners.*

This is basically another love story, ist about this girl named Jesy and blah blah, read it then you will find out, im not sure how much i will update but if you like it, please heart it and comment it, and i dont even know.. But enjoy the story anyways x

*This story starts to take place when Harry isn't famous*


5. What?

I smiled as Harry send me an excusing look.
-Nice to meet you umh?
He handed me his hand and I took my left hand where the paper where in and then I did shake his hand. I could feel his warm hands slowly taking the paper and without Pattie saw anything he pulled it into his pocket on the blue jeans he decided to wear. I send him eyes as I walked over to Feliticy. I turned around as Pattie almost bumped into me.
-You guys can just go home; I’ll stay here with Harry.
-Okay, bye hun.
Feliticy hugged her as I started to walk, as I mentioned before Pattie and I never really been friends, to be honest, I think she’s a Bit- a bit not my type. Yeah, let’s just go with that. I just wanted to go home. There still was a party going on and I still hadn’t found anything to wear. Feliticy ran after me and yelled my name out loud.
-Wait for me Jess!
I turned around and smiled to her as she almost ran into me. She dropped her back and suddenly she was down on the floor picking it all up. I started to laugh at her and helped her up. I loved her clumsy thing. I think she is clumsier than me! Okay, properly not. But she is yet clumsy!
-What is that hoodie btw? Never seen it before?
-No I know, I got it of…
I stopped for a minute and thought it all trough. Nah, she was my best friend, I could tell her! Right?
-I borrowed it of Harry, He, he spilled his coffee all over me so…
-Harry? Harry Styles? Pattie’s Harry?
-Yeah, in the fact.
-You know Pattie. Don’t touch her boyfriends, it will end in a cat fight..
-Don’t worry about that. I didn’t plan to talk to him. Ever again.
She got up and smiled at me. But I know her, she didn’t trust me… But come on! He was a duce. That was how he seemed to me anyway. Who flirt with other girls when they are dating someone?! That’s just rude… But I mean maybe that’s how it is today, but I guess, I'm a little old school. I want there to be butterflies, go in the cinema, meet the parents, getting introduced to his friends, all that stupid romantic things.
-What were you thinking of girlie?
-What I'm wearing tonight.
-And you came to?
-Still haven’t figured out…
-Well what about the blue one?
-Maybe… I’ll find out tonight.
-If you say so…
With that sentence she left me. We lived in 2 different directions, so she went lift, I went right. Even though I knew I had to stop thinking of that stupid guy I just couldn’t get him out of my head. I didn’t want to think of him. I just wanted him out of my head! I almost yelled inside of my head as my phone rang.
I said not trying to be rude or anything but right there I already failed.
-I'm sorry if this is a bad time, its Harry. From the Coffee shop.
Harry? Harry! Harry? How did he dare to call me? That little son of a. He had a girlfriend wait; maybe he just wanted his shirt back. But I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t. That little ugh!
-Yes, I remember you. What do you, I mean, what’s up?
- Did you know there’s this beach party tonight?
-Yes, I heard a bird sing about it why?
-I just wondered if, you would go with me.



Please exuse me if this was really bad, but i tried aye? And as i told you: busy busy Peace, love and harmony -
Matilda Brown

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