Straight from the heart

*Firstly i don't own any of the pictures i will be using. I found them on google, tumbler etc. credits to the owners.*

This is basically another love story, ist about this girl named Jesy and blah blah, read it then you will find out, im not sure how much i will update but if you like it, please heart it and comment it, and i dont even know.. But enjoy the story anyways x

*This story starts to take place when Harry isn't famous*


13. Let's go to the pub!

Harry and I got into a bathroom where I found some paper to get the blood away from his nose.
-So what was that about?
-Nothing you should worry about.
I rolled my eyes and started to talk to him as I was over him. I mean I knew that I was under him because you know he’s so beautiful and sexy and mysterious and well, I am me.
-You know that façade you’re pulling all time, it’s getting annoying!
-Façade? I am putting on a façade on?
I started to laugh at me as I was a complete idiot but I knew I was right! I saw the other side of him.
-Yeah you know all that “I'm dark Harry better be afraid!” thing, it’s not really is it?
-Listing Jenny -
-Jesy! –I interrupted him. That was kind of rude said... He knew my name.
-Whatever… You can’t just come and think you know anything about me, when you clearly don’t!
-I do. You’re really that sweet, dorky, nerd who’s got hurt and trying to be someone else to never get hurt again.
-Oh that’s what you think?
-That’s what I know.
-And how would you know?
-Because I’ve seen that side of you!
-What are you talking about?
-Take me with home so my parents won’t see me drunk, making me tea, oh and let’s not forget about the coffee shop!
-And you think by that you know me? What if this dork then is my real side?
-Yeah except I know it isn’t. –I talked like I knew everything when the truth was I was scared of him in somehow, I mean he did just got in a fight, at a moving in party, in his home…
-What about you then? That façade you’re holding, like you don’t even care when the truth is you are scared.
My eyes got big and I tried to hide it, I heard about this, people are guessing and when the other person is doing something unnatural they can see they’re right, have been hitting a soft spot. I knew this trick it’s all about not letting them see the fear that really is inside you.
-Scared of what? –I said it in a sarcastic as I looked at him as what he said didn’t made scene at all.
-Me, being bullied – He stopped as I looked down.
-You’ve been bullied didn’t you? You were the unpopular girl, the weirdo the one nobody talked to. The nerd. –Just as if he read my mind.
-I don’t know what you are talking about! And I don’t see why you even think you know anything about me, because you don’t.
-You just busted yourself hun. Nobody would freak out like that if what I said wasn’t true.
As I was about to walk away he grabbed my arm.
-Why then not try to let me know you then?
I smiled a bit as I looked up to him standing right in front of me.
-Do you remember that pub I was talking about?
-Yeah I do, what about that? –I looked at him confused.
-We could go, tonight. Maybe you would have fun?
I stopped my thoughts a second and out in the blue I just answered what felt me in, I didn’t think of it, of anyone else than me, what I honestly felt like doing.
-I would love to.
-Great! But maybe you should slow down the alcohol a little bit this time. –He said it with a cheeky smile and you could see how much he tried to hold in the laugh he was about to burst out in.
-Ha-ha. –I said in a sarcastic voice as he pulled me downstairs with him. He actually walked pretty fast, which made me notice his long and skinny legs oh boy, I would kill for them! Not really but you get the point, my legs are actually a bit chubby but they’re long!
-Mum! Me and Jesy are going for a walk if that’s okay? Maybe we can find Jack to tell him I’m sorry.
-Oh well okay, Jack is -
-I know where jack is! –Harry interrupted his mum as we went away.
-Did you mean it?
-Meant what?
-That you would tell Jack sorry.
-No, I don’t lie.
He opened a car door and I sat in. The car was black and I liked it, not to bad ass and he drove nice and carefully. I found this the right time to talk about the break up that I found that interesting. I know I seem as a totally bitch but I wanted to know, for once I wanted to hear the true story and I have no idea why, but I trusted him, in some weird way I trusted him. I think it was his eyes something just said that, that I could trust him.
-What happened truly between you and Pattie?
-I thought I had told you.
-I know but Pattie-
-What said I slept with someone else?
-Umh, kind of.
-Listing I told you what happened, and I don’t care if you trust me or not.
-I'm sorry.
He kept his eyes on the road and I looked out the window. We pulled at a small pub and I took a deep breath as I walked out the door. He made a sign that I should follow him which I did. Harry walked one way in the pub and I another. The music was loud so I decided to get onto the dance floor or more like the middle o the pub where people we’re dancing like they we drunk and barley could stand on their legs. Well, I guess I could dance even though they couldn’t. 

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