Straight from the heart

*Firstly i don't own any of the pictures i will be using. I found them on google, tumbler etc. credits to the owners.*

This is basically another love story, ist about this girl named Jesy and blah blah, read it then you will find out, im not sure how much i will update but if you like it, please heart it and comment it, and i dont even know.. But enjoy the story anyways x

*This story starts to take place when Harry isn't famous*


6. Going home

GO WITH HIM? HA! So what have you been doing today anything funny? Huh? Nah, just been invited out of the guy that’s dating my “friend” yeah I mean, sure I will go out with him… -Jesy? His voice sounded extra loud in the phone and I had to move it little from my ear to still have any kind of hearing tonight.  -I'm here. Harry I can’t and you shouldn’t even be asking! You already got a girlfriend.  -Ex. We aren’t dating anymore. I would have ended it a long time ago.  -That doesn’t matter. I just can’t. I'm sorry. -Its fine.  Then he hung up, he didn’t even say goodbye, I didn’t want him to either but, who am I kidding? A boy who actually calls me up about 15 minutes I left, letting me borrow his hoodie, is nice and looks like a angel, I wanted to go with him, but I mean, I can’t that’s like the golden rule, and I wouldn’t enjoy it either if I was Pattie. I think too much.  I think I just saw Jason… Remember him? I do, he’s the reason why I have trust issues. We met in kindergarten, he shared the last piece of cake with me because I didn’t get there before all the cake was gone, and ever since that we were just best friends. Until that day where Pattie came along of course, everyone liked her because she was so pretty and so sweet and everyone wanted to be her best friend. That included Jason… It ended up with me being alone and Jason getting a new best friend. Not that it lasted for long but by then I was getting along with the smaller kids.  -Hey mum! I yelled it out loud as I stepped into my house. I ran upstairs dropped my bag and jumped right on my bed. I just lay there all relaxed. First by then it hit me. I had to be a prank against me. No boy does ever talk me, or sometimes but that’s mostly just to know the time or homework.  -Hi’ honey! What are you doing tonight?  -I'm with Felitcy, why? -I'm going out with Katherine, Sarah and Sarah’s sister.  -I never met her? -Me neither, she just moved to town with her son.  -Oh, well I'm going at the beach.  -Maybe you could bring her son? I mean he’s at your age? -Mum, no? -Are you sure he could be nice? -No! Mum just let me go with the girls! - Fine. But I’ll get picked up in a bit, what are you wearing tonight? -I don’t know… -Wear this one. I’ll see you. Bye love.  -Bye mum. I said as she gave me a black dress and kissed my cheek. She waved goodbye out the door and I smiled to her as I got up from my bed. I checked the clock. “18:24” woah what? How did time go that fast? I always take it all as it came and right now, the next thing was food. I was quite hungry so I went downstairs to the kitchen and found some noodles. I quickly sat some water over. Like seriously, the person who invented noodles is a genius. While the water got ready I went up to find some clothes. After a while I found “the perfect outfit” I really liked it and I was quite proud of it.  I took the clothes with me downstairs and putted the water on the noodles. While my noodles got perfect I took the clothes on.  tumblr_mn09rfs4FO1s8o9m3o1_500 I grabbed a fork and started to eat as the door went up.  -Hey! Are you ready to go? And you look good girl!  -Thanks, you too but, I'm eating? -You can buy something to eat at the party.  -But, I like noodles? -Yeah I know… She rolled her eyes and pulled me out the door leaving the noodles on the table.  
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