Straight from the heart

*Firstly i don't own any of the pictures i will be using. I found them on google, tumbler etc. credits to the owners.*

This is basically another love story, ist about this girl named Jesy and blah blah, read it then you will find out, im not sure how much i will update but if you like it, please heart it and comment it, and i dont even know.. But enjoy the story anyways x

*This story starts to take place when Harry isn't famous*


14. Flirting mode activated

“Dance like you mean it girl!” I smiled for myself as I went down in a twist and danced for my life. I laughed and started to sing the lyrics when I knew them, more like shouted them out, but who cares? I had the time of life a guy started to dance close up at me and I turned around to dance with him, I pulled my fingers in my hair and danced up my side with him. I went up to the bar for getting something to drink.
-Just a water thank you.
-On its way.
I looked behind me to see Harry sitting with two girls, the first one was brown haired the other one blond, they kind of looked like twins, I didn’t know what I was but my stomach started to hurt, not in a way I felt before but I guess it was just that I danced to hard.
-Your drink babe
I turned around to see a yellow drink in front of me. 
-Oh no, I asked for a water.
-I know, here’s your water but the drink if from the guy over there.
He handed me a bottle of water and pointed at a guy looking at me, he smiled and I smiled back, always be nice right? He came over at me and I knew what that meant, I watched movies before! It wasn’t because he was unattractive he was just, not my type you know. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was tall and was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.
-Hello beautiful.
I looked up to see him standing in front of me.
-Hi’ –I said smiling at him.
-So are you here alone?
I turned my head to get a view of Harry who sat talking with the girls in somehow it annoyed me that is so annoying, I need to get shaking that feeling of me. 
-Kind of.
-I would give you a smart ass comment to flirt with you, but you don’t seem like the girl falling for that kind of stuff.
I giggled as I felt my cheeks getting all red, like a tomato, that’s the thing about me; I blush constantly and then again.
-So do you-
Someone one stopped his sentence and laid an arm around me.
-And I’m Harry. Her boyfriend!
I quick got his arm off me as the guy left. I looked up to see Harry nig surprise huh?
-What the fuck was that about Harry?!
-He’s not your type.
-Oh so now you know my type?!
-I know it’s not that guy. –And then he left. Just like that he left. But this time, I wouldn’t let him get away.   

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