Straight from the heart

*Firstly i don't own any of the pictures i will be using. I found them on google, tumbler etc. credits to the owners.*

This is basically another love story, ist about this girl named Jesy and blah blah, read it then you will find out, im not sure how much i will update but if you like it, please heart it and comment it, and i dont even know.. But enjoy the story anyways x

*This story starts to take place when Harry isn't famous*


12. But i dont want to go...

I went out the car smiling for myself; finally I could just get some sleep… in my own bed! For a second I was just happy until I stepped into my house. My mum just sat there in the living room staring at me. Another woman sat next to her. She looked at me awkwardly then at the floor. Awkward was the only thing getting to my mind. Awkward.
-Jesy! Where the hell did you been!? I’ve been sick worried! 
-Mum, its okay. I was sleeping over at a friend’s house.
-Umh, Feliticy.
-Alright, but next time you’ll call me!
-Yes mum!
I smiled nicely walking to my room as my mum stopped me. I rolled my eyes praying that she just would say something about, I don’t know, she could introduce the woman or something, but no, that was too easy. Or the thing with introducing was true enough but there was more, boo.
-This is Anne by the way. Sarah’s sister, she just moved here with her son Harry. He’s at your age.  Anyway there are holding this move-in-party. We are invited.
She said it smiling at me as my eyes went on Anne. She looked at me and started to talk.
-It’s not really a party, not that kind of party you young guys are going to anyway. Ha-ha. But we would love you two to come! Harry could properly use some company to, I’m sure you could be great friends!
-Sure <I said it trying to seem optimistic but the truth was, I really, really, really didn’t want to go. I liked Harry because he was different in some way but at the same time he scared me like crazy.
-I was thinking of hanging out at Feliticy’s tonight actually.
-Can you just not go? Please.
-Okay, okay I’ll go…
I wanted to make my mum happy, and I wouldn’t get on the wrong foot with Anne because, well I don’t know. I just, I tried to shake the thoughts out of my head as I smiled and went to my room. The first thing I did was jumping straight to my bed. I closed my eyes and all suddenly things became black.


-Jesy, you better starting getting ready.
I opened my eyes to meet my mum’s face and her smile. She ran her fingers through my hair as she stood up from the bed. She was wearing a black dress, just to the knees and cutted out in a v form so you could see the black necklace she was wearing.
-You look good mum.
She smiled and started to giggle and as she went out I could see her shake her head. She was really bad at taking compliments, I guess right there we looked kind of alike. To be honest I'm terrible at compliments by myself, if someone says I'm pretty I without thinking tackles it like they feel sorry for my ugliness, which I deeply inside know is some bullshark! Anyway I got up from my bed, went to the bathroom and started to try brush my hair, wow it was tangled. I found mascara and eye shadow and putted it on my face. I'm not that great at make up so that and lip-gloss is normal all I use, if I use any… My headache was gone and I felt so great! I mean I still didn’t feel like going but I did it for my mum. I found the bag with my clothes and putted it in the washing machine. I wonder why mum didn’t ask me about my clothes. I found a little black cocktail dress as I got in. After getting “ready” I choose to get down to my mum.
-Morning love, you look great!
-Thanks mum, you too.
-Are you ready to go?
-Yeah? Come on.
-But food?
-You will get some over there, don’t worry.
I mumbled fine and then walked with her out the door. My mum locked up the house and pulled her key down in her little brown pocket on her jacket. My mum had told me they didn’t live long away from us so we easily could walk over there. I was walking in a while in my own thoughts, I could hear my mum talking but I didn’t listing enough to get the point. I must have said mmh for about 50 times. Anyway we got to their house; yes I knew where it was at as I kind of – not self chosen – had spent my night at that house. Anne stood ready in the door to say welcome to all guests I smiled friendly at her then tried to stay out of everybody’s way.
-I am so glad you guys could come! I know Sarah is here somewhere…
Harry came walking up to her in a black hoodie and black pants, his brown curls almost covered his face as he kept looking at the ground.
-This is my son Harry. <Anne said it proudly as Harry looked up. His eyes met mine as I looked away; the last thing I wanted was my mum to start questioning me and Harry. I mean she did not know that we knew each other and I don’t know what I would say if she asked. I don’t even know if you can call it knowing I mean I almost know nothing about this guy, but, even though I don’t want to admit it Harry is really hot, or beautiful or whatever you say and just, I really want to run my fingers through his curls.
-Hi’ I'm Harry, pleasure to meet you. <He smiled and seemed as a nice mum’s boy and then his eyes felt on me. I looked at him telling him my name, pretending I didn’t know him.
-Jesy, would you like me to show you a little around? <He said it smiling cheeky at me. I would seem rude if I said no because either Anne or my mum knew about Harry and I’s little meeting. I looked down accepting his offer and went after him. When we got a little away the conversation started. Oh how perfect.
-What are you doing here? Couldn’t wait to see me again? <I swear his cheeky voice tried to piss me of...
-Anne invited me, and my mum.
-Cool… I see you have your own clothes back on, so did you bring mine? <That cheeky voice was making me lose my mind, in every other than a good way.
-Listing I don’t really think my mum have any reason to hear where I was this night therefore it might would look a little weird if I suddenly had your clothes, wouldn’t it?
-It might.
I could swear I wanted to punch him, but I didn’t want to anyway… “Jack!”
-What? <I mumbled as I think I heard the word Jack.
-Nothing, you must have me excused.
Then he went away. Not saying anything, but I guess that was fine as I suddenly could hear someone yell in every way but friendly.
-What do you want?!
-Harry, glad to see you to mate!
-I'm not you mate! Get your hands of me!
-Wow easy dude, what happened to you man? Got through a harsh break up?
-Shut up Jack.
-How are you and Pattie? No wait, she dumped you didn’t she?
-That was it! You little-
I didn’t hear more then everyone was around them. I was standing in a corner and I could see a little bit of the fight that was going on. I was mostly scared and I didn’t want to be here right now, or at any other time! I heard Anne and some others yelling the two guys name first Harry then Jack then Harry and again then Jack and it kept going that way. I looked at how Anne got Harry away with bleeding nose and his hoodie ripped off. Anne looked so disappointed I could see it in her eyes. I went up to her convincing her about I should help Harry she was all fine about it and she seemed so thankful, I wanted to know why this fight was on, and what the hell was about! Not because i thought he would tell me but, you know, you'll never know if you try! That was the lyrics from a song i heard on the radio not long ago.. Well the point in the song was right, and i didn't plan to give up before i got some anwsers! Or i might would.. Mostly because he scared me a bit.. But you can't really blame me, after all he did just get in a fight 

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