Take Me Home

Take Me Home is about the young Hope Harrison, who moved to London from Denmark to get a job. One day, the handsome Harry Styles finds her cats, after they had ran away. This meeting will bring up some joy to Hope's life and help her find the meaning with life again.


6. Chapter 6


I was supposed to go to Ashton’s parents’ house for Christmas, but because mixed emotions I cancelled. When Laura heard I did not have plans for Christmas she invited me with her to her parents’ house. We arranged for me to pick her up on December the 23rd. We would stay until the 26th because of work.

On my way out of the door, for picking up Laura, a saw a small box in front of my door. I looked at the tag and it said that it was from Ashton. I opened the box and what I found inside were beautiful earrings and a note.


My Dear Darling

I know you are confused
and that you need time to figure everything out.
Time is what I will give you, but I still wanted
 to give you your Christmas present.

I love you,


I looked at the earrings. I felt a smile on my lips, but I was still not ready to face him. I put the box on my kitchen table and got the drumsticks I had bought for him. On my way to Laura’s place, I stopped at Ashton’s place. I let the present slide into his mailbox and then I went to pick up Laura.

We were the first to arrive at her parents’ house. Laura was talking with her father, while waiting for the others to arrive, so I went out in the kitchen to help her mother, “Hi Bethany, do you need help with anything?” Bethany looked up from the pan on the stove, “If you want to, you can peel some potatoes.”, so I began peeling potatoes. Bethany was easy to talk to and while peeling the potatoes she asked me questions, to get the things, Laura had told about me, confirmed. “You have a boyfriend, right?” I stopped peeling and thought about the question. “I am not sure.” My eyes started watering. Bethany looked at me with worry in her eyes and a tear fell down on my cheek. She gave me hug, which felt good. After the hug, she looked at me and said, “It’s ok to make a decision, as long as it is the right decision for you.” I nodded and dried my eyes. I used the rest of the day to think about what was the right thing for me. I went to bed that night knowing what to do and the next morning I called Ashton. 

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