Take Me Home

Take Me Home is about the young Hope Harrison, who moved to London from Denmark to get a job. One day, the handsome Harry Styles finds her cats, after they had ran away. This meeting will bring up some joy to Hope's life and help her find the meaning with life again.


5. Chapter 5


On the last evening my mom stayed, she invited Ashton and me out for dinner to say thank you for the hospitality. We had a great evening and after dinner, we all went back to my apartment. When we got up on my floor, Harry was there. “Hello Harry.” My mom said and gave him a hug. “What is he doing here and why does Kirstine know him?!” While yelling, Ashton looked at Harry and me. “Harry came over one morning to apologize for the kiss and he talked with her.” I explained. “But what is he doing here, now?” I looked at Harry to get him to talk and it worked. “I just wanted to talk with Hope to make sure that she knew I was sorry about the kiss. But it is okay, I will just leave.” Harry looked at me before he disappeared down the stairs. I had seen his pain in his eyes and I felt a strong need to talk with him. “Ashton, I know you will not understand but I have to talk with him.” I did not wait for his answer before I turned around and disappeared down the stairs like Harry. 

When I got outside, I could see Harry getting into a cap. I ran over to the cap and knocked on the window. “Hope? What are you doing?” “You came to my apartment for a reason, I need to know why?” “Like I told Ashton, I just wanted to tell you I was sorry about the kiss.” He looked away and I could see his eyes were watering. I opened the door, reached for his hand, and said. “Come.” He got out of the car while holding my hand. “Let us go for a walk, Harry.” Still holding hands, we went for a walk. After walking for 10 minutes in silence I asked, “Are you ready to tell me what is wrong?” Harry stopped and looked up in the night sky. You could not really see the stars but the moon shined bright. “I know Ashton.” He said. “How?” I looked at him confused. “A year ago I was dating this girl, Catherine. We had been dating for a while. At that time Ashton and I was good friends and when I was not with the band, I used my time with him and Catherine. What I did not know was that they were good friends too, so one day where I wanted to surprise Catherine, I found her in bed with Ashton.” It hurt to know that Ashton would do such horrible thing, but then I thought of the kiss. “So I was payback?” “No, not at all Hope. Months had gone by after the break up before I met you. Meeting you is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I was sad that you did not call me after I helped you find your cats, but I thought that maybe you did not like me. When I met you in HMV I thought it was destiny.” “I do like you Harry, but…” I stopped. “I know that we cannot be together while you are with Ashton and I am not asking you to choose me instead of him. I am just asking you think about it. To think about us.” He let go of my hand and suddenly I was standing alone in the dark.

I went back to my apartment where Ashton and my mom were. Ashton was angry with me because I went after Harry. “You have to go, Ashton.” I felt empty inside and I needed to think about what Harry had told me. Ashton looked confused now. “I know what you did to Harry.” In silence, Ashton took his jacket and was on his way out of the door when he stopped and said, “It happened once and it is a year ago. I love you Hope and I would never hurt you on purpose.” Then he left. 

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