Take Me Home

Take Me Home is about the young Hope Harrison, who moved to London from Denmark to get a job. One day, the handsome Harry Styles finds her cats, after they had ran away. This meeting will bring up some joy to Hope's life and help her find the meaning with life again.


3. Chapter 3


“It did not mean anything!” Ashton looked at me angrily and I could see that he did not believe me. He had come over the next morning and I had to tell him about the kiss. It was the fairest to do. “I cannot deal with it right now. I have to go.” “Please talk to me about it” I had hurt him. I could see it in his eyes and I felt really bad. “I need some space and some time away from you, to think about us.” Now I was hurting. He did not know if he could be together with me anymore and I understood him completely but it still hurt. We looked at each other and stood like that for ages until my eyes were filled with tears and then Ashton left my apartment. He had left me. But when it knocked on my door, I thought he had changed his mind. Maybe he wanted to talk things straight with me. Maybe we could start all over again. Maybe we could move along and love each other like never before. I opened the door, and Mrs. Roberts stood there with my favorite cookies of hers. I began to cry and she took me in her arms and comforted me.

When Mrs. Roberts went home, I decided to go for a walk. Liam and Louis went with me. They always followed me around, so I had to lock them inside when I went for work.
We went down to the nearest park. I got the whole park to see, because me walked for hours. Liam and Louis decided to run away from me and when I found them, they were with Ashton. He smiled and came towards me. “I am sorry.” I looked at him waiting for an answer. He got closer to me and kissed me. “Let us just forget it” I nodded and he took my hand. We went back to my apartment to get something to eat, but our plans got changed when my mother suddenly stood in the door. 

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