Take Me Home

Take Me Home is about the young Hope Harrison, who moved to London from Denmark to get a job. One day, the handsome Harry Styles finds her cats, after they had ran away. This meeting will bring up some joy to Hope's life and help her find the meaning with life again.


2. Chapter 2


Months went by. When I had met Harry it was March, now Christmas was coming up. I had never called him. Maybe I would have if Liam or Louis had ran away again, but they never did. I could read about Harry in every magazine and decided I would not be good handleling his life. I began to live my life, as if I had never met him. Few months after the meeting I had met a guy and it became serious. December was our 6 months anniversary and I wanted to buy him something special for Christmas and went out shopping. HMV was the perfect place to buy a present to Ashton. Ashton used to play drums in a band, so I thought I would buy him drumsticks. While I was paying, I heard some boys get into the store. I did not look up until someone said my name. “Hope. Hope Harrison is that you?” I turned around and there he stood. My knight from months ago and he remembered me. “How funny to run into you here. Do you play music?” I just stood there, could not believe it was Harry. “No. But my boyfriend does, so I thought I would buy him new drumsticks.” I felt like a fool, telling him about my boyfriend, like he cared. “So you have a boyfriend?” “Yes. We have been together for 6 months now.” We just stood there smiling to each other. “So …I should properly go now. I have bought what I should. Goodbye Harry.” I walked towards the door, when I heard Harry. “Hope! If you want to, I am going out for a drink tomorrow with some friends. It would be cool, if you came and joined us.” He smiled nervously. “Maybe I will.” I just said and turned around again and walked away from HMV.


I went directly home and called my best friend. “Laura, do you want to go out for a drink tomorrow?” “A drink? We have not been out for a drink in ages. Why now?” “I ran into the guy who found Louis and Liam in March and he told me he was going out for drinks with his friends tomorrow. I think he could be something for you. What do you say?” “I am on. He is hot right?” I just laughed at her, of course he was hot! One thing I had not told Laura was the fact that it was Harry Styles we were going to meet for drinks.

I was at work next day, when I got a bouquet. “May I ask who it is from?” The boy just stood there. “He did not tell, but there is a card.” The boy disappeared and I stood there with a bouquet of flowers. Maybe it was Ashton who wanted to be romantic. I read the card.


Say hello to Louis and Liam for me.
Looking forward for to tonight! xx


I could not believe it. It was from Harry. What would people not think about me if they found out it was not from Ashton? I searched in my bag for Harry’s number. Of course I had not thrown it away. “Hey” “Is this Harry?” “Yes, who is this?” “It is Hope Harrison, the one you have just sent flowers to.” There was a silence. “Did you not like them?” What kind of question was that? “Of course I like them, but I have a boyfriend, so why did you send them?” “I just wanted to say that I still want you to join us for a drink tonight.” “I will be there, with one of my friends. Do not worry.” I said the last with sarcasm and we both laughed. “See you later Hope. Bye.” I hung up and smiled.


The rest of the day flew by and for once I went home with a big smile on my lips. Laura was already there when I came home. I took a shower, while she made us dinner and opened a bottle of wine.


After dinner we sat down on the coach and talked for hours, and when we were tipsy we decided to take off. We went into the center of London, where we went to the club that Harry had texted me earlier that evening. When we got inside I saw him right away. “OMG, Hope! Harry Styles is totally looking at you!” “So what baby, I am with Ashton.” I laughed at her. “He is coming over here. What will you say to him Hope?” I kissed her cheek and when Harry came I introduced them. “Harry, this is Laura. My best friend.” Laura looked at me, with shoking eyes. “It is a pleasure to meet you Laura. Hope did not tell me that you were that beautiful.” She blushed and her smile got bigger. “Will you excuse us, Harry?” Laura dragged me over to a corner. “Why did you not tell me that it was Harry Styles? I must have looked like a fool over there!” “Do not worry Laura. I am sure that he likes you no matter what.” We went back to Harry and walked with him over to his friends.


We sat down and hours went by. We talked and laughed, and had a great time. Harry’s friends were awesome and they all had different stories to tell. Harry told about the first time we had met, where my cats had disappeared and they all laughed. “Was it love at first sight, Harry?” one of his friends asked. I looked at him and Harry smiled. “I think it was”. We both laughed and soon we all laughed. “Do you want to dance?” Harry looked at me, and it would be a lie, if I did not say I melted a little inside. He took my hand and we got out on the dance floor. The song was slow and he put his hand on my waist. My knees got weak and he held me tighter. The song ended, but we stayed on the floor and danced to the next one too. “I need some fresh air, Harry”, he took my hand and we went outside. It felt good on my skin, the cool wind on my skin and in my hair. I scrounged a cigarette from a doorman, while we were outside. “You should not smoke, you know that?” Harry looked at me. “I know, but it is a bad habit. I only smoke when I am out.” “You should not smoke at all.” I looked at him. Like he had something to say, it would effect me, not him, not anyone else but just me and my health. “Why do you care at all?” He looked me in the eyes and then his lips moved again. “I do not want to lose you again.” Again?! What did he mean with again? But before I could say anything, he leaned against me and our lips touched. I pressed his head against mine and his hands got around my waist. We stood like that for ages and it felt like we were one. I pushed him away. “Harry, I have a boyfriend?” He just stood there, looking surprised. I went back inside and said to Laura I was going home.

When I came home, I went straight to bed. I felt bad and guilty about the kiss. Liam and Louis got into my bed, and I fell asleep right away. 

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