Take Me Home

Take Me Home is about the young Hope Harrison, who moved to London from Denmark to get a job. One day, the handsome Harry Styles finds her cats, after they had ran away. This meeting will bring up some joy to Hope's life and help her find the meaning with life again.


1. Chapter 1


After a long day, I was finally home. I kicked my shoes off and went into the coach. When I sat down I noticed an odd silence in the apartment. “Liam and Louis, where are you guys?” I looked everywhere for them, but they were gone. I began to get frustrated and I did not know what to do. I looked everywhere again. I looked under my bed, under my coach, and in my closet. They had just disappeared. While getting into my shoes again, I thought about where they could be and I decided to go to the park to look after them.

On my way down of the stairs I ran into my neighbor. “Good evening, Mrs. Roberts, have you by any chance seen Liam and Louis today? I cannot find them” Mrs. Roberts used to spend the most of her day in our garden, so she could easily have seen them. “I am sorry, but I have not seen them today Miss. Harrison. But I will look after them.” “Thank you.” “You are welcome, my dear.”

I moved to London five years ago and Mrs. Roberts had always been my neighbor and taken care of me. She had become the grandmother I never had had. The day I moved into my apartment, she welcomed me with home baked cookies and flowers from the garden. The first time we really fell into a conversation, was when I one time had forgotten my keys to the apartment. I had knocked on her door and borrowed her toilet until the janitor had come with his extra keys. But I had to wait for hours, so Mrs. Roberts had said I could stay till he came. I had found some pictures from her younger days and she had begun to tell stories about when she was at my age. She was a true reflection of me and I listened to every single word she told about her life.

She had been there, when Liam and Louis got into my life and fed them when I could not. So it did not come as a surprise, when she told me that she would look after them.

When I came out, I ran over to the park to call after them, but I had no luck. I ran in the park for several hours and I could not find them. When it was to dark to look after them, I decided to go back home again. I walked slowly through the park when it suddenly began to rain. This day was just not my luck. I ran as fast as I could home and went into the building. The stairway felt long and when I got to my floor, I just sat down and began to cry. Everything about this day had gone wrong. My boss had ruined my unfinished drawings, because he did not like the idea I had. So now I had to get up with a new idea before afternoon next day. I hated my boss; he was only a jerk because I had turned him down to one Christmas party. I could deal with the fact of having a jerk of a boss but losing Louis and Liam, could really ruin my whole world.

I heard Mrs. Roberts open the door to her apartment. I looked at her and she wiped my tears away. “Do not cry dear child. There is a young man who wants to talk with you. He is in my apartment, because you were not home.” She smiled at me and I got up from the floor. I went into the cozy apartment and into the living room. Liam and Louis were asleep. I could hear their purr from the door. I was calm again and nothing could be better until I saw the man who had brought them back. I just stood there and starred at him. Thankfully did Mrs. Roberts bring some tee and she introduced us. Even though it was not necessary, cause I already knew who he was. “Hey, I am Harry Styles. I found your cats in Hyde Park a few hours ago and thought I would bring them back to you.” He just stood there smiling his perfect smile and suddenly I was a teenager all over again. “I am Hope Harrison. Thank you so much, for getting them back to me. But did you really find them in Hyde Park?” I did not hear his answer, because I was admiring his perfect eyes and lips. But I got interrupted, when he asked me about something. “Sorry, what did you say Harry?” I blushed. “What are your cats’ names?” Oh this could be embarrassing. “They have not gotten any names yet.” I just lied into his gorgeous face. “Why so silly my dear? Of course you have named them.” Mrs. Roberts went over to the coach “This is Louis and this is Liam.” she told Harry. In that moment I wanted to be buried. Alive. I could see Harry’s smile getting bigger and bigger of the thought of my cats’ names. “Can I get a picture with them?” I could see his excitement. I took two pictures of Harry with my cats. One for him and one for me.

Mrs. Roberts had baked her famous cookies and made tee for us, so we sat down and talked. “This is the best cookies you can get” I assured Harry. “She had baked them for me, the day I moved in next door.” “Have you been living here long?” “I would not say long, but still, I have been living here for five years.” “You speak with an accent. Where are you from?” I had hoped that my accent was gone now, but apparently it was not. “I am actually from Denmark.” I said with pride. “Why did you move?” “I moved because of my passion for architechture and I wanted to be an architect but the job possibilities were not good in Denmark, so I decided it was time to leave and try my options in another country.” “So you followed your dream?” “You can say that, yes.” He looked impressed and it felt good.

While talking, Mrs. Roberts had felt asleep. I told Harry that I would do the dishes but he insisted to help me with them. Harry told me about his family and that he could never move to another country because of them. When we were done with the dishes, Harry helped me getting Louis and Liam over to my apartment. I could only hold one, so Harry also took one. Before leaving Mrs. Roberts’ apartment I woke her up and kissed her goodnight. Harry stood in front of my door, with Louis in his arms. They looked so sweet together. I opened the door and showed Harry where Louis slept. After putting Liam and Louis into bed I followed Harry down to the street. The rain had stopped. We just stood there, both feeling awkward. There was just silence, until Harry said “Here is my number, if you ever need help finding Liam and Louis again.” He smiled and I thanked him again for bringing my cats back home to me. He gave me a hug and we said goodnight to each other. Harry disappeared into the dark and I went up to my apartment again. I kissed Louis and Liam goodnight even though they already were sleeping. Then I saw their necklaces. Those necklaces had just been the reason for my meeting with the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction. With that thought I went into bed and fell asleep with a big smile on my lips.  

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