Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


5. Your point of view!

Kenzie's POV


"Hello" and walked out, I'm so stupid why didn't I just stay in there, knowing those two they are probably making out right now... I sat down in the bathroom and said 'Kenzie you have to get over him, he never wanted anything to do with you and never will want anything to do with you so just get rid of him from your mind!' I started walking back to Haily's room when I reached the door I heard them talking


"Austin we might have a little problem" I heard Haily say I put my head against the door and listened


"What do you mean?" Austin said


"I mean that ... Kenzie still likes you and I feel bad dating you, she has known you longer than me" Haily said, my heart shattered into a million pieces Am I really doing this to their relationship?


"I know Haily but I love you not her" Austin said and .... bam my heart is gone, I heard them kissing I walked away heart broken, am I really doing this to them, or am I just bringing them closer


Sorry its a short chapter! c: but that's Kenzie when she left

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