Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


7. Who are you..

I sat there shocked at who knocked on the window


"Who are you?" Austin asked


"Austin this is ... Ty he is in my school" I said Ty and Austin looked at me


"Haily I thought you would be by yourself ... but can I talk to you?" Ty asked I rolled my eyes at the sound of him


"Woah there .. uhh Tyler" Austin said


I held back a giggle and said "Austin it's alright it will only be a minute okay"


Austin nodded and pecked my cheeks I got out of the car and walked behind a wall


"Okay Ty what do you need?!" I hissed at him


Ty was my ex I dated him in 6th grade .. after that we kind of hated each other I try my best to ignore him ..


"Look we have had a rough past but I want to forget when we hated each other and just move on .... I didn't know you had a boyfriend named Austin ... he is kind of cute!" Ty said


I went into fits of laughers and said "did you just say he is kind of cute!"


Ty was taken back by what he just said and groaned "Shit ...well ummm if you know I tried moving on after and I have dated many girls .. but I figured girls weren't right for me ... so I ... uhh"


"wait wait you came and disturbed me and Austin to tell me you are gay?" I whispered-yelled at him


Ty nodded, and I groaned "Ty what else do you want?"


Ty came closer to me and I could feel his breathe against me, and he crashed his lips onto mine I pushed him away


"Ty What the hell you just told me you are gay!" I Yelled


Ty came closer and said "You said I was gay .... I'm really just bisexual"


I pushed him and ran to the car and locked the door


"What happened babe" Austin said putting his phone down and looking at me


I noticed there was 'I love you' as the last text message sent to .....


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