Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


6. Weeks Later

I got out of the hospital a week ago .. well your probably wondering what has happened in that past week right? Well Sydney and I have figured out our plan for sneaking into the concert for One Direction, Austin and I are still strong in fact we are on our way for our double date with Sydney and Blade, Kenzie and I have started talking again, and Sydney is .... getting scared more and more each day about the concert I told her that it's okay and she doesn't have to worry but what does she do, she freaks out and Worries anyways back to reality


"Babe what are you thinking about?" Austin asked grabbing my hand and rubbing it with his thumb


I looked at him and smiled and simply said "oh nothing just everything"


Austin smiled and said "Well we are here you know"


I smiled and said "I'll call Sydney see if they are here!"


I grabbed my phone and went to 'Harrrrrry<3' our nicknames she is my Harry and I'm her Louis

Sydney: Hello?

Haily: Hey Shitney you gonna be here soon

Sydney: ugh yeah... no because I waited an hour for him we will be an hour late I'm sorry"

Haily: Okay it's alright me and Austin have something to do anyways

Sydney: HAHA okay then Haily see you in an hour bye

Haily: see you bye!


I leaned over to the drivers seat and whispered into Austin's ear "They won't be here for another hour"


Austin winked and said "Well lets have a little fun shall we?"


I smirked and kissed him, Austin stuck his tongue in my mouth which I gladly accepted I bit his lip


we heard a knock on the window Austin groaned and rolled down his window who we saw is unbelievable

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