Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


4. Seeing you and him

I woke up to people talking I sat up and smiled


"Good morning Haily" My mother said smiling at me I looked around and saw my mum, dad, sister, brothers, cousin and my baby niece


"What time did you guys get here?" I asked


My mum smiled and said "We got here when visiting hours were open so at ten thirty probably we saw you sleeping but didn't want to disturb you"


I smiled and checked my phone four new messages I opened the first one from Sydney


To: Haily

I'm okay and I'm glad to hear you are alright! I'm going out of the hospital today!!! I'll come see you okay? :)

From: Sydney


To: Sydney

Yeah I'm a strong girl! That's great!!!!! Okay see you later baby girl <3

From: Haily


I sent it but when I was gonna read the one from Kenzie I heard a knock I looked up and saw Kenzie herself


"Oh my god Kenzie why are you here!" I said well more like asking while hugging her


"Oh c'mon Haily you really think I wouldn't come see you I sent you a text this morning saying I'm on my way!" Kenzie said laughing


I looked down and opened the text from Kenzie


To: Haily

Hey I'm coming to see you today don't be surprised! Haha

From: Kenzie


I smiled and said "Sorry but I literally just woke up!"


Kenzie smiled and said "Well I'm staying until later tonight okay!"


I looked down and said "You don't have to do that Kenzie"


Kenzie nodded and said "Yes I do need to we haven't seen each other since I found out about you dating .... erm ... him"


I gave her a loving smile and nodded and said "Okay if you want to"


"Well we have to go Haily, Trinity has school tomorrow" My mum said I nodded and kissed all of them


"Bye guys see you tomorrow!" I said they closed the door


"So Haily how are you and Austin still going strong?" Kenzie asked


I looked at Kenzie and said "Yeah we are can you say something to me?"


"Yeah sure" Kenzie said I smiled


"Do you still like Austin?" I asked


Kenzie looked at me "Yeah a little bit but I'm trying to move on just for your sake"


I smiled and hugged her "It's alright"


We heard a knock on the door I looked and the door opened and I saw my boyfriend Austin


Austin smiled and hugged me and handed me flowers "Hey babe"


I smiled and took the flowers "Austin these are beautiful thank you so much"


Austin smiled and leaned in to kiss me but I could feel Kenzie looking at us so I backed away and let him kiss my cheek


"Babe what's wrong?" Austin asked I looked over at Kenzie, Austin followed my gaze "Oh ... Hi Kenzie" Austin said


Kenzie said a little "hello" and walked out of the room


Austin smiled and said "Finally some time alone!"


I smiled and leaned in and so did Austin, his lips touched mine I felt that spark like I did the first time we kissed, our lips moved in sync as we kissed. We backed away and put our foreheads against each others


"I love you Haily" Austin said


"I love you too Austin" I smiled kissing him again

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