Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


3. Save you tonight

I opened my eyes and was in a hospital room I sat up and remembered what happened


"oh yeah ... the accident" I said to myself


"Haily your awake!"


I looked at the door and saw my mum, dad, my sister Cheyenne, my two brothers Troy and Trinity and my cousin Jessica who lived with us


"Hey guys" I said sitting up that's when the pain hit me "Ow" I cried


"are you alright Haily?" my mum said I nodded


"yeah its just" I remembered Sydney "OH my gosh how is Sydney!" I asked


My mum glanced at my dad and nodded I got scared


"Well Haily Sydney ... she is okay but with you and your severe injuries you had to get sent to another hospital she only had minor injuries" my dad said I sighed in relief


"okay yay!" I said


A doctor came in and said "you lost control of your car but you are alright you just got lots of bruises, a broken rib, and you can't leave this hospital until your fully healed"


"Thank you Doctor" My mum said


"Just doing my job" The doctor smiled and walked out


"Haily how did you loose control of your car?" Cheyenne asked


"Well I was driving lost in thought we were on the high way going home until Sydney I believe screamed my name I pushed on the brake and we started rolling I remember glass breaking and Sydney screaming and then it ... well I don't remember after that" I told them trying to explain what happened


"Visiting hours are over" The announcement came on


"Well we have to go love you baby girl" My mum said kissing my fore head


"see you tomorrow my girl" My dad said hugging me


I waved bye to the others I went on my phone that I found on the table beside the bed I had several texts


To: Haily


From: Sydney


To: Sydney

Yes I am okay how are you?

From: Haily


To: Haily

Babe are you okay I'm coming to see you tomorrow I love you xx

From: Austin


To: Austin

I'm fine :) and okay see you tomorrow I love you too babe! x

From: Haily



Hey I heard from Austin ... you okay?

From: Kenzie


To: Kenzie

Yeah I'm fine Don't worry :D Stay golden love

From: Haily


I shut my phone off and tried going to sleep but I couldn't sleep I tried closing my eyes but still couldn't sleep I tried everything the sun started to come up ... I closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep





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