Let's sneak in

Haily and Sydney are big fans of One Direction .. what happens when One Dierction is coming to their town and they have no tickets.


2. Planning!

"How do we sneak in?" Sydney said as we were walking around the mall


I was looking at shirts and said "We have to find a way Sydney Lynn" My phone started vibrating I looked at the caller I.D and saw a blocked number


"Hello?" I said


"Hey Haily remember me?" The other voice said


I looked around the Mall "umm I don't know who you are?" I said


"really come to the fountain"


 I walked to the fountain and saw my old best friend who moved her name was Emerson


 "Oh my god ... no way Emerson?!" I said walking to her and hugging her


 "Haily I missed you!" I started crying


 "How long has it been?!" I said


 Emerson wasn't saying anything


 "its been along time hasn't it" she finally said


 I looked up and forgot I had Sydney with me


 "Emerson you remember Sydney!" I said


 Emerson laughed and nodded they hugged too ...


"Emerson ... are you going to the One Direction concert?" I said


Emerson turned around and said "Yeah my mum got tickets why?"


 I looked at Sydney and a smile formed on my face I went up to Emerson's ear and whispered my plan.


Emerson nodded and said "I'll meet you guys there okay? Well I have to go my mum is waiting for me!"


We hugged and said our goodbyes Sydney and I kept walking


Sydney spoke up and said "what did you whisper to her?"


 I looked at her and smirked "You'll see Syd you will see" I said as I walked out of the mall Sydney kept looking at me "stop looking at me Sydney why don't you go and text that boyfriend of yours!" I said Sydney was dating my nephew Blade Sydney glared at me I started laughing "I was kidding but seriously have you guys kissed yet?!" I asked



Sydney looked down "No not yet" she replied I received a text I looked down at my phone and it read


To: Haily

Babe when are you coming? x

From: Austin


To: Austin

I'll be there soon I'm at the mall with Sydney xx

From: Haily


To Haily

Who is Sydney?

From: Austin


To: Austin

She is my friend from school don't worry :) I gtg love you

From: Haily


To: Haily

Okay I won't but k love you too be safe!

From: Austin


I was dating this guy we lived in different towns but we met at this dance my friend Kenzie took me to ... I felt bad dating Austin because Kenzie likes him I know she still does but I love Austin ..


"who you texting?" Sydney asked


I looked at Sydney and smiled "just my boyfriend"


Sydney smiled and said "when do I get to meet the guy?"


"I don't know I'm meeting him later after we hang out" I said


Sydney pushed me "Where you guys going?" She said


I pushed Sydney back and said "We are just hanging out at his place!"


Sydney laughed and said "yeah sure 'hanging' at his place you'll probably end up like Myron and Destiny"


I shook me head and said "So at least I kissed my boyfriend"


Destiny and Myron made out every where one day when they hung out Closet, floor ,couch, bed you name it


I got into my car and Sydney got in the passenger we were in the city, but we live out of town its one hour away we were driving until we had to stop we were blasting music and had our windows rolled down we were playing One Directions song 'Kiss you' until we saw a bill board with One direction on it saying 'Come see us in September' I rolled my eyes and drove off we went to Star bucks and bought us some lattes and started going home I had to come back out again to see Austin I'm going to tell him my plan and hopefully he will come along I don't care if he doesn't like One Direction He is still coming he is my boyfriend


"HAILY!!!" I heard someone scream


I stopped the car and lost control of the car and went rolling off on the ditch all I remember is hearing glass breaking and the sounds of Sydney Screaming and then it went .... black

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