All roads lead to home

this story is kinda sorta based on a video game i love. but with the best boy band EVER MADE, One direction


1. Where am I?

       Laura's  P.O.V

     I wake up on a stranded island. I don't know where it is but it's not home. I see a glow in the distance. I realize it's a fire. I start to run up the hill. But before I got to the top, I blacked out. *3 hours later* I can't wait to get off this island. But how? I'm stuck inside a cloth cacoon with candles surrounding me. I try to swing so I can cacth the cloth on fire. "This is gonna hurt."  It disintegrates into ash. I fall at least 3 stories down to find myself stabbed in the side with a sharp rock. "Ow God!" I hold it while I'm trying to walk. I trip a couple times but I'm fine. I start to feel my feet again but their wet. I'm walking in waist-high water. "t's c-cold."  there's a tunnel upahead that i can probably go through. *Thump!* "Ow!" someone pulled my ankeI turn around to see that it's a guy. "Let go of me!" "Stop struggling!" I kick him away and start running. "Light! I see Light!" I run even faster. It wasn't the light i was expecting. It was just candle light. "Ugh more candles?"  I find a stick to light it on fire. "Okay so instead of a nice tropical vacation, I get stranded on an island?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG!?" The echoes ring in my head.  I walk to find a way out of this stupid cave. The floor starts to rumble. "Oh God what now? What did I do to deserve this?" I jump over gaps but fail on my second try. I tumble down a hill. I try to climb back up. When I reach the top I'm outta here!  I run to the nerest exit. Finnaly I'm out. But it doesn't stop there

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