All roads lead to home

this story is kinda sorta based on a video game i love. but with the best boy band EVER MADE, One direction


2. Trying to escape.

    Laura's P.O.V

I get kidnapped by a clique of guys. I think the guy with brown hair kinda digs me. "don't move or you'll end up on my wall." Once he left I dove for the nearesst brick wall. I keep doing this until i find shelter. He walks up next to it and pulls out a gun. "I told you to not move." He presses his hips up against mine but I shove him with my shoulders. He looks down at me and says something but I push him hard enough to get him on the ground. I fall with him. I get up and slip out of the rope and grab the gun. I load it and point it at him. "Leave my friends and me alone" He gets up with his hands up. "Drop the gun and I'll let your little friends go. But you will become my prisoner." My friend Ella screamed "Don't do it Laura!" I dropp the gun. "No!" "Get her boys" The rest of the guys tied a rope around my hands again. "Since I'm the king of this island i'm gonna make you my queen." "I knew you always had a thing for me" I smirked. The took me to their little "lair" "is this your 'kingdom'?" "No this is where I get the queens. And make them mine." I swallowed hard. "why are you so nervous?" "Because I'm afraid of the things you might do to me." "don't worry im not gonna do anything harmful." I could hear sarcasum in his voice. "Liar." "Whatver." "Well can i at least see my friends for the last time?" "Yeah and no funny business" I went to say good bye to my \ my friend Ella. "Hey , this is it once i leave im gone forever. I just wanted to  say bye...." I turn around to see if their looking. Their not it's my chance to run. "Untie me and lets get out of here!" She quickly unties the rope and we took off.

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