The Diary of The Girl in Chains

I have been working at a sweatshop for NIKE since I was 10. 6 years later, I am still here. I am working my hands to the bone for 12 hours a day. Soon I will be sold into of into prostitution. Hopefully it will be a better start for me. I have heard though that sometimes, girls die form passed on diseases at the age 18. I hope that I will be able to live more of a life. My mother died of a disease at the age of 21. She was sold into prostitution at 16 like me, so what will happen to me, Rose Kaan?


3. 1st June 2013,10am

1st June 2013, 10am

So, it has been 3 weeks as you can probably tell by the dates on my entries. I have indeed been sold. I now work in a flat with 8 other poor girls.We all have a room each to do the deeds.The person who owns this 'GOOD TIME' branch is strangely nice, and treats us all like girls with rights. Yeah right,as if we would ever have rights. I have to admit, he does like to use one of us at least once a week, which is quite sleazy, and he doesn't pay us or anything. He says that the pleasure is for both of us, for him, getting It on with a pretty girl, and for us getting It on with a stunning man. Oh Gosh, got to go,he is coming!

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