The Diary of The Girl in Chains

I have been working at a sweatshop for NIKE since I was 10. 6 years later, I am still here. I am working my hands to the bone for 12 hours a day. Soon I will be sold into of into prostitution. Hopefully it will be a better start for me. I have heard though that sometimes, girls die form passed on diseases at the age 18. I hope that I will be able to live more of a life. My mother died of a disease at the age of 21. She was sold into prostitution at 16 like me, so what will happen to me, Rose Kaan?


2. 11th May 2013, 6am

11th May 2013,6am

Why do I have to wake up at the normal time on my day off? It is incredibly irritating. A day off? You may be thinking, and yes, if we sew 500 footballs in 6 days, we can have a day off on Sunday. This is a rare thing, I mean, it must have been about 2 months since somebody in my factory has had a day off, as a day off involves a lot of hard work and such. I found out some disturbing information yesterday while sewing my footballs. The man who owns the factory that I work in, came around with a clipboard, and was inspecting certain girls. He inspected me. He left his clipboard without meaning to on my desk. It had a typed list on it. It said this;

The girls who are being sold into the 'GOOD TIME' company in three weeks.                                                                                       Mary Beth,                                                                                         Elizabeth Daren,                                                                                   Lila Good,                                                                                        Rose Kaan,                                                                                        Hilary White

My name was on this list. I am going to be sold into prostitution in a few weeks! I am shocked. I never knew that worker girls get sold into prostitution before! I went up to the woman who takes care of us, she was sold into prostitution about 3 odd years ago, and she was fired as she was lazy and unreliable in their exact words. I asked her what it was like to be working in prostitution, and she told me that it was terrible, being forced to have sex around 3 times a day, with whoever and without protection. If you became pregnant, it was your own fault, she told me. I was shocked, and I wanted to run and hide. I knew that becoming a prostitute was the only possible way of me making any money at all, so I sucked it all up and bravely packed my bags. I knew what was coming, but I had to hold my head high, and get on with my life. 


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