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Layla , a 19 year old , tried hard to escape her past and all the bad memories it brought. She even moved from England to New York to live with her father. She tried her best to forget her past but she couldn't because where ever she loked she saw his face, whenever she opened the radio she heard his voice, Zayn Malik, the person who left her when she needed him the most. But what happens when fate decides to get this two to meet again? Will they complete what was unfinished or will it remain that way?


2. chapter 2

So here I was laying on the ground after being hit by Louis Tomlinson and One Direction standing in front of me. Oh I forgot to mention that there are more than one hundred screaming girls running after them. What happened in the next seconds felt like it happened in minutes, I kept staring at Zayn's face and he kept staring at me surprise written all over his face. Then, I looked at the other boys then at their fans then at the boys again with a mixture of fear anger surprise and shock. Finally Louis decided to save the day, so he picked me over his shoulder and started running with the boys from the fans again.

"sorry love, but there is no time to fan girl" he said while running. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening and then I started screaming and kicking him with my legs.

"put me down right now" I screamed

"well, if we put you down you will probably be ran over by hundreds of screaming girls" Niall said, exhaustion clear in his voice as he was struggling to take breath. He had a point so I stopped screaming and kicking. They kept running for a couple of minutes until they saw an alley

"quick, we will hide in here" Liam said. They all turned right and hid in the alley. No one dared to take a breath until they were sure that the fans were misled.

"you can fan girl now but please keep it quiet" Louis said while putting me down.

"I have no intentions to fan girl since I am not a fan" I said while trying to fix my hair.

"I have never been happier to hear a beautiful girl say that" Harry said. I rolled my eyes at his attempt to flirt.

"you are not a fan?" Niall said with disappointment. But I wasn't paying attention to them anymore, I was only to Zayn who still looked surprised to see me again.

"Nice to meet you again after all those years" I told him breaking the awkward silence, he now looked ashamed while all the boys looked surprised.

"Erm... Hi" he said. I chuckled bitterly after all those years he only says hi.

"you two know each other?" harry asked surprised.

"Tell me everything" Louis said looking excited, but my eyes never left Zayn still not believing that he is right here in front of me. Liam sensed the tension so he said to Louis

"now isn't the time, lou" he then looked at me and said

"since you are an old friend to Zayn, could you please help us" I chuckled at the word friend

"What do you want?" I asked him bitterly. He looked taken back but he reluctantly said

"Could we please hid at your place until our body guards arrive" In his dreams I am never going to help them all I have to do is refuse and walk away. But I made a mistake, I looked at their faces, they all looked exhausted and they were giving their best puppy faces.

I groaned and said, 'Follow me, but I swear if any" they all cheered cutting me mid sentence

"Where do you live" Niall asked

I sighed and said, " you see that tall building over there" he nodded, "I live there" his eyes widened in excitement

"But how are we going to get there without being seen, I mean if" Zayn was saying until I glared at him causing him to stop and stare at his feet

"He has a point" Liam said. I thought for a while and said,

"I guess we will have to run again"


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