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Layla , a 19 year old , tried hard to escape her past and all the bad memories it brought. She even moved from England to New York to live with her father. She tried her best to forget her past but she couldn't because where ever she loked she saw his face, whenever she opened the radio she heard his voice, Zayn Malik, the person who left her when she needed him the most. But what happens when fate decides to get this two to meet again? Will they complete what was unfinished or will it remain that way?


1. chapter 1

"oh... I forgot to mention that they have a stable" my best friend, Olivia, mentioned.

"Liv, you've mentioned it for a thousand time" I told her.

"I know but I am so excited"

It was the first day of summer vacation and Olivia was going to spend the week with her boyfriend, Caleb, at his family ranch.

"so what are you planning to do" she asked while checking that everything was packed.

"nothing" I simply said

" you know what, Caleb has this friend who is so hot, I should tottaly set you up on a date"

"no way " I said without even thinking, she knew I was going to refuse but being Liv she had to insist

"still didn't overcome that 16 year old love of yours "she said worry starting to apperar on her face as she knew how I was going to react. I was taken back by her comment, she knew I didn't like to talk about this subject but again being Liv she would always mention it. She never knew why it was a touchy subject but that is because she doesn't know the whole story

knock knock

"oh my god, Caleb's here " she squealed

"I will get it " mentally thanking him for saving me. I walked out of Olivia's room then downstairs and towards the door. I opened the door revealing Caleb, a tall handsome guy.

"hey Layl" he said

"hey, come in, she still isn't ready " I told him. He pouted but you can still see the love in his eyes.

"You want some tea ?" I asked

"no thanks" he answered. We talked for some time until we heard noises from upstairs and when we looked we saw Olivia struggling with her bags.

"Caleb, please help " she screamed from upstairs.

"I've missed you too, babe" He said with a smile on his face, I chuckled. We heard another bang then Olivia's oops that's when Caleb sighed and decided to give her a hand.

After the struggle with the bags was over, everything was set for their departure. I said my goodbyes to Caleb and took all my time hugging my best friend.

"If you need anything Layla, just call" she said with worry

"Don't worry, I can live on my own"

"yeah, you can " she said with sarcasm. We hugged once more then she left and I was alone. I sighed while walking to the living room and sitting on the couch. First day of summer and I've absolutely nothing to do and with Liv gone it is going to be worse but I was happy for her.

Ever since I moved from England to New York to live with my father when I was 17, she  became my best friend. I didn't want any friends after the accident but she just pushed herself in my life which I was glad she did. After high school, my father agreed to help me rent an apartment on one of New York's most luxurious skyscrapers on one condition, some one should share it with me. It was't because of money , but because he didn't want to leave me alone after the accident. When I told Liv, she immediately agreed because she didn't want us to be separated especially since we were going to different colleges, I was studying to became a doctor and she was studying to become a fashion designer. Caleb was my lab partner at college and when I introduced him to Liv, they started dating and I have to admit that they are such a cute couple.

I turned the TV on and they were the first thing to appear, One Direction being witnessed at the mall, I groaned and turned the TV off before watching the whole story. I don't hate them, I only hate him and now that he became famous he must have become a total jerk, Zayn Malik one of the main reasons of my misery, and the others I just dislike them because they his band mates. I sat there thinking about my past life until I realized I was going to start crying because of all those memories. I got up and decided to have a walk and eat at any restaurant. I grabbed my bag and left without even bothering to change.

It was about three pm but the weather wasn't very hot. I put my headphones in my ears and started walking while listening to Taylor Swift. I decided to take the long way to my favorite pizza restaurant so when I was walking two things hit me

a) the fact that my life is taking a huge detour

b) Louis Tomlinson


hey everyone this is my first movella I hope you like it. PLEASE comment and like so I would keep writing and I promise that it would get way better 

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