Stealing His Heart

Rosalind never had a easy time growing up,Her mother who had just passed away, Her father who blames her for everything and her crazy ex boyfriend who she just broke up with.
She decides to go down south to Ireland for a weekend that little did she know would change her life forever.


1. Chapter 1

"STOP! Just stop it James! Please!" I begged like a helpless dog.Not only did James come home today drunk as usual but he was also in my face again and I didn't want another black eye. "What's the matter with you!" He shrieked

"You never do anything right! Can't even make a simple pot of stew!" He threw his arm across my face then I howled in pain right after. "What was that!? I'm not hearing anything!" He hit me again even harder than before.

"Alright!!!" I yelled louder than ever before.Somewhere deep inside me just let out and I smacked him hard on the arm. "What's the matter!!" I yelled once more. "Afraid of your girlfriend James?!" I tossed the lamp beside me on the ground.

"Well guess what!?" I cried. "We're Though!!" I lifted my leg up high and banged it on the ground enough to make the earth shake. I ran out the door and cried. 

I cried and cried and cried even more . Never have I ever been in such a situation like that before and now that I knew it was over for good I cried my heart out knowing I still loved him and that I might not even get over him.

I suddenly heard the beat of One Direction as I realized my phone was ringing. It was James. 

I pressed Ignore and started to smile then laugh then cry with tears of joy. "It's over rose" I whispered to the wind. "You won,he can't hurt you anymore." I ran home singing along to Moments before having to pause it when I got to my bright red door with the number 34 on it.

"Rosalind?" I heard my clueless Dad call upstairs "Yes!" I echoed back. "Nothing just checking to see if your in" He shouted back. "Oh! and some package is at the back for you" He quickly remembered. "Package?" I said. "My Package!" I repeated I ran downstairs to see my new delivery of books and CD's.

Instead I found a letter with a suitcase inside. It was from my Mother.

"Darling If you're reading this I will of sadly passed on. I don't want you living alone stuck in that old house with your Father and work on your Dad's farm all your life In Northern Ireland as Beautiful as our home may be I want you to travel my dear and I want you to find yourself a real future husband and job and life for yourself . I may not be around to see them but I would want your Father to be a Grandfather some day! I have one finally gift for you sweetheart. Look in the front compartment of your new suitcase. I want you to catch the 12B down to Mullingar in Ireland even for a weekend away just to see more of our world than what you know. Baby steps my dear! Pack your things tonight darling and sneak out! If your Father found you well you would never get away! Now hurry Rosalind!"

I found one lonely single ticket to Mullingar in my new suitcase . The train station being only five minutes away I had only 20 minutes to pack and arrive there! I packed everything I needed for the week and threw my suitcase out the window landing gracefully on the ground like a pillow I however fell like a solid hard rock on the ground with many bruises. I didn't have the time anyway. I ran though the forest with my tiny suitcase and stopped a bus just before it took off with ten minutes to spare I found my way into the train station and sat down for a quick bite to eat before running off again.

I couldn't help but notice a young handsome boy looking over at me from time to time. I will admit he was drop dead gorgeous with blond hair with brown stokes in between that fell on his face so perfectly then his eyes where just a beautiful ocean blue that got me lost at sea. I then discovered I had been staring at him so much I was now in complete eye contact with him staring right back at me. I immediately turned away and twirled my hair. I heard my train getting called as I rushed off once again on another adventure. 

I spend forever trying to put my suitcase above me into the passengers space for your belongings but I finally threw it with all my might and power and locked the door tight so it wouldn't fall out and hit me on the head.

"Why hello there" I heard a strong Irish accent. I looked up to see my knight in shining armor once again from the cafe.

"Umm Hi-Hell-Hey" I finally said. Go going Rosalind you've officially freaked him out.

I couldn't think . I couldn't talk . I couldn't breath. Why was he talking to me!? I tried to stay cool but every time I looked in those blue eyes I felt my legs go weak. I felt as if i knew him from somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Anyone with you? It'll be a shame for a pretty lady to sit on her own" He spoke and I blushed. "Um no no-one but me!" I laughed

We talked for ages and ages and the more we talked the more I recognized him but still with no hope of finding out who he is. " Just another regular guy then!" I joked after he told me he was going back to Mullingar to visit his family.

"What's so funny" I laughed back. " You really don't know who I am do you?" He grinned.

I then realized I didn't know who he was . I asked him then "Say , I didn't even catch your name?"

When he told me his name everything became clear and I had to try even harder to not freak out or In this case. Fangirl.

Niall Horan was sitting in front of me. 

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