back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


40. chapter 39

charlies p.o.v


i stared out my 'bedroom' window. but it wasnt really a bedroom was it. the basement of an old creepy house in the middle of some town. i know im in ireland but i dont know where. its really scary down here and i want mum back. not the mum thats taken me away from the most loving family in the world. my adopted mum, lily. shes the best and im hating every minute of this. i reached up and touched my face. it was sore from all the bruising. i hate this beast of a woman im living with. shes not even had me a day and shes already beating me. just like she used to. i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. my 'mum' was upstairs at the moment so it was safe to go on it. i hid behind an old box that just stands in the middle of the room. it was from lily

from mummy xx:charlie are you alright. text me as soon as you can xx

to mummy xx: no. she keeps hitting me and i'm scared! xx

from mummy xx: where are you? xx

to mummy xx: i dont know. im in ireland somewhere xx

from mummy xx: do you have wifi? xx

to mummy xx: yes xx

from mummy xx: follow these instructions very carefully. go on facebook and create a account. call yourself charlenna tootle. say your 13. then take a picture of outside and post it. accept a friend request from me. im gonna make a temporary account. my name will be liloon mafer. me and daddy will find you baby xx

i followed her instructions and went on facebook. i created an account and called it charlenna tootle. i said my date of birth was in 2000 because thats the year lily was born. it created and within a few minutes i had a friend request from liloon mafer. i accepted her and went to take a picture of outside when i heard my mother start to come down. i put my phone under my pillow and waited for her to come

"charlotte baby. mummys here" she called. clearly she was drunk again. she sat down next to me and tried to force a bottle of something to my lips. it smelt disgusting and according to the label on the side it was vodka. i pushed the bottle to the side making her drop it and spill it all. she turned to me

"you little bitch! that was my last bottle" she yelled as she punched me in the stomach. i fell to the floor and tried to regain the ability to breath whilst she stormed upstairs. after she slammed the basement door shut and locked it (yep thats right im locked in) i slowly stood up. i liftedmy tshirt up to find a bruise already starting to appear. well heres another one to add to the collection i thought to myself. i posted the picture on facebook before having the best idea ever. i dialled the police and a woman answered.

"how can i help?" she asked

"hi, my names charlotte. my original name was charlotte churchill but 2 years ago i got adopted and became charlotte horan. you might have heard of my dad niall. anyway yesterday my birth mum got the right to take me back and she did. she hits me and beats me and shes taken me to a house in the middle of ireland somewhere. i have no clue where but on the facebook page i created-charlenna tootle. i just posted a picture of outside. help me please" i said

"okay charlotte, we'll find the facebook page and find you as well."

"can you call my mum or dad?"

"ok charlotte. we'll see you soon hopefully" she said as she hung up the phone.


nialls p.o.v


i stared at the picture lily had on the screen

"oh my god!" i muttered


"thats my house opposite. they're in missie churchills house. wait. oh no. missies her mum. i knew missie had a kid but had her adopted after she beat her. the kids name was charlotte but i never made the connection" she stared at me mouth wide open

"lets go then!" just then my phone rang


"good afternoon mr horan we are calling about the location of your adopted daughter charlotte. a minute ago we recieved a call from charlotte herself saying that her mother is beating her. we looked on the facebook page we were told to go on. there we saw a picture of her location. we assume that you saw it to and wondered if you know where she was"

"yes" i replied and gave them millies adress

"okay mr horan if you would like to go to mullingar police station and we will bring charlie along to there as soon as possible"

"okay thank you" i said as they hung up i turned to lily to see that she was on the phone. 'police are going to get her' i mouthed and she nodded. she talked on the phone for about 5 more minutes. she hung up ad turned to me

"social services. they've agreed that when we get her we keep her for 2 weeks for a hearing to decide what happens to her. currently its looking good for us!" she said and i smiled. we got in a cab and made our way to mullingar police station


charlies p.o.v


i screamed in pain as the ball hit my foot.

"you deserve it you little bitch" she yelled as she picked up the bowling ball and then dropped it on my foot again. i screamed in pain again.

"shut up!" she yelled and went to hit me on the head with a baseball bat she had near by

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" someone called and she swivelled round on the spot. at the top of the steps stood  about 5 policeman all pointing their guns towards her. she put the bowling ball down. or should i say dropped it on my foot again. i screamed again. thsi was so painful. she walked over to the police man

"go on then, take me away see if i care!" she shouted as they dragged her out the door. one policeman caught sight of my injured foot and came over and picked me up. they took me into the police station and i saw my real mum and dad there. niall and lily horan

"mummy, daddy!" i yelled


nialls p.o.v


"mummy, daddy" she yelled. i caught sight of charlie. she'd only been gone sine yesterday but she already looked a mess. she had bruises all over her and she looked a mess. the police man handed her over to me.

"you might want to go to hospital to let them have a look at that foot" he said

"lily, you take charlie to the hospital and i'll stay here. we're definately pressing of child abuse, assult. anything it comes under we're charging her phone. lily nodded and took charlie and lexi. i stayed with james and keela.

"i want to press chages for everything i could possibly press charges for" i said and the policman nodded

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