back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


36. chapter 35

bonnies p.o.v


i sat curled up on the sofa with my head on harrys shoulder. we were currently watching my sisters keeper. harrys plan was for me to cry at the end so he could comfort me. but it never really worked out like that and i would end up having harry cry into my lap. its quite cute we got neare to the end of the film harrys phone went off. he read the message and his eyes went wide

"whats up baby?" i asked. he passed the phone to me

from unknown number: hey baby. i've missed you so much that i decided we should meet up. of course i knew that you wouldnt willingly so i decided to give you a reason to come. if you ever want to see little baby darcy again then your going to come meet me at the old abandonded warehouse off regent street. bring that little brat of a girlfriend of yours'll add to the fun. and if you even dare ring the police i'll make sure you never see darcy again.

love taylor xx

i stared at harry.

"what do we do?" i asked.

"we go" he replied. we got in the car and drove to the warehouse. there she was. the blonde she-devil. and she was holding darcy

"darcy" i yelled as i ran forward. i got to taylor and tried to take darcy off her but she threw me to the side. i felt my arm smash as i hit the wall. i screamed in pain

"bonnie" harry yelled and began to run over to me

"no harry get darcy" i yelled and he switched direction and ran to taylor. but she moved out of the way and harry ran staright into the wall. i saw his body become limp and fall helplessly to the floor.

"wait taylor. me and harry havent told anyone we're going out. we left our movie on so the other boys will think somethings happened. can i just phone them and tell them that we have gone out for pizza or something" i asked and she nodded. she handed me her phone. i dialled lilys number

"hello" she answered

"lily, its me bonnie. me and harry have just gone out for pizza." i said

"i want pizza" i heard niall moan. clearly i was on speaker

"no niall you cant go on harrys phone!" i said

"what" lily replied

"i dont care if hes got cooler games then you. you sound like a little kid. go download them yourslef and keep off harrys phone. or i'll get him to tell ya off"

"im getting the impression that you want us to go on harrys phone, whats his password"

"yeah lily, i think its a great idea if you go get your own pizza. if bonnie is on your side you win cuz bonnie is the best. got it?" i said

"is his password bonnie"

"exactly. and could you possibly turn the telly off me and harry were in the middle of watching the she-devil when he fancied pizza. we were at the part whe the people just got a message from the she-devil. you know the one where you have to do the opposite of what the last sentence says."

"so harrys got a message from taylor and you want me to do the oppositte ofwhatever the last sentence says" lily said

"yep thanks lily. your a life saver. and by the  niall you need medical help or something because your addiction to food is way out of control. anyway we'll see you when we get home" i said before hanging up the phone. i handed it back to taylor.

"there, nobody expects a thing. can i have my baby back now." i said

"you may hold her. but the minute harry wakes up im taking her back. he needs a reason to stay with me. i would kill you but that would be a bit obvious. harry styles girlfriend gets murdered and suddenly hes back with taylor who takes the baby everywhere with her" i snatched darcy out of taylors arms and held he tight. as mean as it sounds i was really hoping that harry didnt wake up until the police got here. then darcy would be safe. just then i heard the police sirens sound. a panic sticken taylor turned to me

"you little bitch. i told you not to call the police"

"i didnt i swear" i cried. i saw her pull someting black out of her pocket

"no" i screamed and tried to turn my back to her to protect darcy. i felt pain shoot up my side as it hit me. i then saw taylor run out the warehouse. everyone ran into the warehouse. i pointed my finger to the exit taylor had run out of. i barely had enough strength to do that. the police ran outside after taylor and the paramedics divided up between me and harry. lily gently prised darcy out of my arms. she was crying. i wanted to take her back and comfort her but i just didnt have the strength. i felt my body go limp and my head started to spin. the darkness clouded over my vision as i fell to the floor


harrys p.o.v


"mr styles an you hear me." someone asked. i nodded my head. it was painful to do so not surprised though. running into a wall and knocking yourself unconcious generally does hurt. i opened my eyes and saw everyone there.niall, lily, lou, el, liam, dani, zayn,perrie but no bonnie

"bonnie?" i asked and lou shook his head

"shes in theatre mate. taylor shot her"

"what, how, what happened, wheres darcy?" i asked. lily came up to me and put my sleeping daughter into my hands

"well we got a call from lily and she was making pretty unobvious hints about where you were. first she kept repeating not to go on your phone so we kinda sussed to go on your phone. i asked for the password so she kept referring to herself as bonnie. then she said could we turn the telly off because you had been watching the she-devil. me and bonnie refer to taylor as the she devil. then she said you had been at the part where the people get a message from the she-devil and how they had to do the oppositte of what the last sentence does. then before the end she said that niall needed medical help. we phoned the police and ambulane and got there before them. we waited outside incase taylor decided to hurt darcy when she saw us. after the polie sirens could be heard we heard taylor shout at bonnie and bonnie shouted back. then we heard a bang. we went in there to find you unconcious on the floor and bonnie cradeling darcy with one arm. she was bleeding all down one side. when nobody could see taylor bonnie pointed at the door through which taylor had left. i took darcy off bonnie about 5 seconds before she fainted." lily said

"one thing though haz" louis said "why were you unconcious?"

"well when we saw taylor with darcy bonnie made a run at taylor. taylor threw bonnie to the side and she smashed her arm into the wall. i heard her scream. i went to run over to her but she told me to get darcy. i ran at taylor but she moved to the side. i couldnt stop running and the last thing i remember seeing was a massive wall right in front of me" i said. i saw louis trying not to laugh. a doctor came in

"im sorry" was all he said before i burst into tears.

"you may go and say goodbye" he said gravely before leaving the room.

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