back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


33. chapter 32

lilys p.o.v


"happy birthday princess" he said and i smiled

"aww thanks baby. i cant wait to see you tonight.i've missed you and so have the girls. i just can believe the twins are 1!" i replied

"and i cant believe my princess is 18. 5 years since we met and 2 since we remet"

"i know, anyway baby i've got to go.we've got to be on set in 20 minutes and the girls arent even up yet. ill see you at the airport at 6"

"okay bye princess" he said before we hung up the call. i saw the hurt in his eyes as we did. i know how much this is killing him. its killing me to but i've got to stay strong. for the kids sake. i went into lexi and charlies room but they werent there. as we were staying in L.A for about 6 months disneys provided us with a proper house. we've had visits from the guys occasionaly but not much. at the moment however dani, bonnie and el were here. so far i've been in L.A for 6 weeks and i'm loving the lifestyle. however i cant wait to give it all up to go home back to niall. lexi and charlie miss him like mad. he missed james saying his first word yesterday but keela hasnt yet. hopefully she'll say it whilst he's here. james first word was "ummee" which me, dani and el all agreed it meant mummy. there were currently 8 kids in our house at the moment. charlie, lexi, james, keela, harry, lily, darcy (harry and bonnies daughter) and antony (liam and danis son). its great having them in the house. nialls going to get a shock when he comes tonight though. charlie grown up so much in the last 6 weeks. we left for the studio. i took lexi and charlie with me. i left james and keela with the girls. i would drop the girls off at the studio at 8 then stay there for about half an hour. then i would go back to the house and spend the morning with the girls. at 12 i would pick them up and we would all go out for lunch. then at 1 i would take them back and head home again. i would then go back to the studio at 4 and watch the last hour of filming before taking them home at 5. both lexi and charlie loved this new lifestyle.

"mum what times dad coming?" charlie asked. she now just called us mum and dad whereas lexi called us mummy and daddy still

"we're going to go pick him up from the airport after filing then we're going to go out for dinner. just you, me, dad, lexi, james and keela" i replied

"who else is coming?" she asked

"liam, zayn, perrie, harry, louis and of course dad" i replied. they ran onto the set and were immediatly greeted by the production team. everyone there loved them to pieces. they were the youngest two kids on the set. all the others were in there teens. masie, one of the stylists came up to me

"happy birthday lily." she said

"aww thanks maisie. im now legally allowed to drive in america and england" i said and she smiled.

"what you doing to celebrate then?" she asked

"oh niall and all the boys are coming. mainly to celebrate the twins first birthday. im gonna bring niall down here tomorrow though so he can spend some time with the girls when there not filming. they've missed him like crazy"

"and so have you and dont deny it. i see the little sparkle that appears in your eye everyotime you or somebody else says his name" i just laughed

"well i'll see ya about 12" i said before walking out the door. i got back to the house and saw all of the girls up and ready.

"ummeee" james yelled when he saw me. keela remained quiet

"good girl keela. no speaking till daddy gets here

"addeee" james yelled . now that boy could talk there was no getting him to shut up.

"why are you all dressed up?" i asked

"its your 18th silly. we're going shopping till 12 then at 1 we're going more shopping" el said. i laughed if there was anybody i could want to go shopping with it was el.


we trailed round endless shops till 11:45. then we made our way to the studio to pick lexi and charlie up. we decided just to go mcdonalds because we're going on a nice dinner later. at about 12:45 we headed back to the studio and dropped the girls off before going back shopping. we got stopped for autographs quite alot. we spent the whole afternoon looking for the perfect outfit for me to wear tonight. by the time we finally found itit was 3:30 so i dropped the girls off home and went back to the studio. i was the only one who bothered to take a driving test in america because i was staying here longest. i took jame and keela with me to the studio so we could go straight to the airport.

"james, keela, mummy" lexi cried as she ran over to us"

"eccy" james said and lexi screamed

"he said my name" she shouted and charlie ran over

"lucky. i want him to say my name" she whined

"carlee" james said and charlie started to scream

"he said my name!" she yelled before she ran back and carried on filming. i always got told what scenes they would be doing the next day so i could help them learn their lines. i sat there watching them for an hour before it was time to leave. by the time they had changed out of their clothes and packed up all the toys they had taken with them to play with when they werent flming it was already 5:30. we arrived at the airport at about 5:50 and nialls plane had just arrived we rushed inside to find him and the boys standing there waiting.

"niall" i yelled and gave him a massive hug whilst lexi and charlie ran and said hello to the boys

"addy" james said and niall gave him a massive hug.

"hows my big boy. has keela said anything yet?" he asked

"not yet" i replied as he picked her up

"hey keela" he said

"addeeeee" she said and niall started crying.

"her first word was daddy!". all the boys and perrie decided to get a taxi to the house whilst me, niall and the kids went straight to dinner. i had changed into my outfit before i left for the studio. we decided to go to nandos. its now the girls favourite resturant and even james and keela like it. we sat down and ordered.

"i seriously cant believe your 18!" he said

"me neither. however i find it funnier that im the only one allowed to drive in the usa" he pretended to give me the evils and i laughed

"dad, guess what. mum said that your going to come watch us tomorrw" charlie said

"yep i am and i cant wait" we finished our meal at nandos and went home.

"this place is amazing lily!" he exclaimed and i laughed.

"well mr horan the tour starts in the girls room where we can put the to bed, then to james and keelas room and finally it ends in our room"

"you dirty girl" he said with a laugh. we went upstairs and put all the kids to bed before heading to our room.

"i've missed you so much lily" he said as he stuck himself inside me

"i cant tell" i remarked with a laugh. i dont know how long we were at it but it took me about 5 seconds to fall asleep afterwards.

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