back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


32. chapter 31

8 months later


louis p.o.v


"its okay baby. if lily can do it twice, you can!" i coaxed el. we were sitting in the tour bus as it was being driven to the hospital. i was sitting on one side of el and lily was on the other. niall was by my side and the other boys were keeping there distance. only niall wanted to help me, but he's been through this with lily.

"how the hell did you do this?" el practically screamed at  lily

"i know its hard el but keep calm. and whatever you do dont break louis hand!" lily replied

"yeah thats bloodly painful aswell" niall remarked.

"we're here" the bus driver called. i picked el up and carried her into the hospital. we ran through the doors and into the delivery room

"ready?" i asked el

"no, i need lily in here aswell. lou im not joking. these babies arent coming out until shes here!" i laughed and ran out the delivery room. i ran up to lily and grabbed her by the arm. i pulled her into the delivery room

"el refused to deliver without you" i said and lily smiled

"well as long as she holds your hand and not mine." we stood there on either side of el and she pushed she also squeezed my hand. a bit too hard. like niall described i felt it crack.

"damn el, i think you just broke my hand or something" i yelled. i saw a small smile appear on lilys face

"sir would you like someone to go check on that?" a doctor asked

"not until my baby has been born!" i replied. lily started laughing

"whats so funny?" i asked

"this is like proper da ja vu. yours and the doctors conversation was the exact same as nialls and the doctors. and its the same hand" i couldnt help but laugh. that was quite weird.

"one more push, i can see the head." the doctor cried. by now i had given el my other hand. el pushed again and i saw my child appear.

"girl" the doctor remarked. i went to go see my child before el cried in pain again

"here comes the other one" the doctor said. oh  my god, i was having twins. we went through the process again and el delivered a boy this time.

"boy" the doctor remarked. i saw lily face drop in disbelief

"im sorry but this is getting scary!" she said and i laughed

"must be a one direction thing!"

"i bet you the doctors gonna tell you to go get you hand sorted whilst they get the babies ready" lily said

"sir would you like to sort your hand out whilst we prepare your babies for you" the doctor said

"scary!" i said agreeing with lily. i went to get my hand done whilst lily stayed with el. the only colour cast they had was blue. again more da ja vu. i walked back to the delivery room and got there just as they were bringing the babies in. i took the girl whilst el took the boy. i turned to lily

"let me guess. this happened exactly to you and niall" i said and she nodded

"so names?" i asked el.

"well i know you always wanted to name your firstorn son harry. so how about harry william tomlinson" i nodded "and for the girl, i was thinking we could maybe name her lily." i saw lilys eyes light up

"i think thats a great idea. seeing as lilys helped you most through all of this. how about lily jane tomlinson" she nodded. it was true though. lily had been there the whole way through els pregnancy.

"i love it.... shalll we bring the boys in" i nodded and handed lily to lily. i went out to the boys. niall just laughed when he saw my hand.

"niall as lily is gonna tell you its been fricking da ja vu of yours and lilys delivery!" he laughed

"so you had twins, first a girl then a boy. el broke your hand but you refused to sort it out until your babies were born. then you held the girl whilst she held the boy" he said.

"exactly that happened" i replied

"okay thats pretty freaky!" he perlied before we all went into the room.

"this is harry william tomlinson and this is lily jane tomlinson" i said and all the boys awwed. harry rushed to hold his namesake. i took a pcture of both babies

@Louis_Tomlinson: welcome to the world harry william tomlinson and lily jane tomlinson #proudparent x

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