back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


23. chapter 23

lilys p.o.v


i sat on the plane with james on my lap whilst niall had keela on his. i knida remebered things about keela and james but not much. i remember breaking nialls hand during the delievery and i remember seeing them for the first time, but that was it. charlie and lexi were sitting on either side of me. i remembered little things about them to. like meeting both of them for the first time. i also remember niall proposing to me and then us to getting married but i dont remember much else then that. apart from prom. i remember that clearly. we were on our way to america.

"i missed you princes" he said

" i know. you've told me like a million times since yesterday." i replied and he smiled. louis leaned over

"you know thats the first time hes properly smiled since last sunday!" he said and i laughed

"clearly im just too missable for him" i said and niall laughed

"definately" he replied

"we're cast buddies" i said to niall. the only colour the hospital had was blue so i was stuck with a blue cast on my arm. he smiled

"dont forget that you put me into this" he said

"dont forget that you put them into me!" i said pointing to keela and james. the boys all cracked up. "its tue!" i said. we sat there for the whole plane ride chatting. as we did i remembered more and more things. i remembered all sorts of random things. i remembered louis filming me singing and putting it on youtube. i got out my phone and went on youtue. i was expecting to have to search for it but there it was. most viewed. 70 million views. i looked on the comments and all of them were positive. no hate at all. i turned my phone off. then it was announced that we were landing. we arrived in the airport. my mum and dad were there and so was maura and greg.

"show me the babies!" she said. i held out james.

"this is james john horan!" i said and niall held out keela

"and this is keela may horan" he said. maura took keela and my mum took james

"so how long are you guys staying here?" i asked

"til tomorrow" my mum said "but we wanted to see keela and james."

"well its good to see you anyway" i said as i took james back off her. we made our way to the tour bus. simon cowell was there

"so your the famous lily baton"

"horan" i corrected him he just stared at niall. niall smiled back and laughed

"i was gonna tell you uncle si"

"and who are these 2 cuties?" simon asked

"these are my kids, keela and james and then those two over there are lexi and charlie who you already know about"

"wait, niall you had kids?"

"yeah they are 2 weeks old today!"

"oh well anyway, i want to speak to lily, alone please if you dont mind" i nodded and followed simon.

"so what did you want to talk about?"


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