back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


19. chapter 19

nialls p.o.v


i stared in aw as lily came down the stairs. she looked amazing! she was wearing one of the dresses el and lou brought her for her birthday along with a pair of heels zayn and perrie brought her. she had her hair wavy and to one side. she wasnt wearing any makeup and looked absoloutely beautiful. i hate girls who wear to much makeup. you constantly feel like they're hiding something from you. a lily walked down the stairs i couldnt help but stare. she came up to me and i kissed her.

"you looke beautiful lily" i whispered softly into her ear and she smiled.

"aw thanks nialler. you look handsome yourelf" she said and i smiled.

"you said that exact thing to me on the night of your prom"

"you remember every single thing i have ever said to you?" she  questioned

"only the things that make me happy!"

"so everything then" louis said. i laughed

"You had to butt in to a perfect conversation didnt you!" i said

"yes because the car is here and i needed a way of getting your attention. and now i have it, lets go!" i pushed keelas buggy whilst lily pushed james. lexi and charlie decided that they wanted to hold uncle boo and auntie ellies hands. i think it was clear who their favourite aunties and uncles were. we arrived at the resturant. it was a beautiful massive building. we made our way up to the rooftop garden. i had booked it for the whole of tonight. i had planned a massive surprise for lily.


lilys p.o.v


i looked at the view and could not believe it. it was beautiful. harry had taken james out of his buggy and liam had taken keela out. everyone parted to two sides and stared at me. i had no clue what was going on.

"lily i know you have already agreed  but i couldnt wait. will you do the honour of marrying me here. right now" i didnt know what to say. i just nodded. lou came up to me and took my hand.

"seeing as your dad isnt here i thought i could give you away. the boys decided it should be me seeing as your like my little sister. well one of them" i smiled again. i couldnt stop myself tonight

"of course you can loubum. i couldnt think of anyone better. well minus my dad." he smiled and lead me up the isle. el was behind me with lexi and charlie. they were being flower girls and looked so cute. i arrived at nialls side and he smiled at me. this holiday was so far perfect. the vicar talked and talked for what seemed like forever. then was the all important question

"niall james horan do you take lillian marie baton to be your lawful wedded wife?" the vicar asked. when he said lillian i heard louis burst into laughter whilst standing next to niall.

"i do" niall said

"and lillian marie baton do you take niall james horan to be your lawful wedded husband?" i heard louis laugh again. i was going to kill that boy

"i do" i answered

"i now pronoune you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." niall leaned in and we kissed passionately. when we broke apart i turned to louis and gave him the evils

"im sorry but you didnt not tell an of us that your names lillian!" he said

"actually i knew" niall said

"awww no fair. why not me?" louis questioned

"beause lewis. i knew you would laugh"

"my names not lewis" he pointed out

"and mines not lillian" i said

"atually it is!" he said

"actually i had it legally changed when i was 15 but forgot to tell niall. failed there didnt you lewis!" he pretended to sulk and cry into el. she just laughed and smiled at me.

"so mrs horan, what shall we do now?" niall asked me

"well my handsome husband, i say we have dinner then go home and have an early night because tomorrow is your surprise!" i said.

"surprise, what surprise?" he asked

"if i told you it wouldnt be surprise." i said before taking james off harry. i held him in my arms and cuddled him. then we sat down at our table. i sat between niall and lexi. i had james in my arms and niall had keela in his. el sat next to alexa and then louis was next to el. charlie sat next to niall and liam. then it was zayn and perrie. harry was on the other side. we ate dinner and then left to go back to the house. we got there and put the kids to bed. we tucked keela and james into their cots in mine and nialls room. then we tucked charlie and lexi in

"mummy." charlie said

"yes baby"

"now keela and james are here, are you going to take us back to madame greens?" she asked

"of course not baby. i love you and lexi just as much as i love james and keela." i gave her and lexi a kiss and then left the room. i walked into mine and nialls room to see him staring at keela and james who were by now both asleep. i walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek

"you have done so amazing." he said

"they're yours aswell you know." i said and smiled

"not about that. you've done so well with everything. i sometimes forget your only 17!"

"i dont care how old i am niall. as long as im with you im happy and now we have 4 beautiful kids and an amazing dog. speaking of which. wheres loopy"

"our tour staff are going to bring her to america with them."

"okay. by the way niall. i love you!"

"i love you to my beautiful wife"

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