back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


16. chapter 16

i once waited eagerly for my boyfriend to tell me my surprise.


lilys p.o.v


we had been in the living room for 2 hours now and niall still wouldnt tell me my surprise. we had been playing on the play station for the last 2 hours and currently it was louis vs niall on fifa. me, alexa, charlie and liam were cheering for niall, whilst el, zayn, perrie and harry were cheering for louis. just then the doorbell rang

"ill get it" i shouted, not that anybody was listening. i opened the door to see my mum, my dad, and nialls mum and brother greg. my mum gave me a massive hug and after i managed to worm my way out of it i was given another massive one by maura (nialls mum). my dad also gave me a massive hug and so did greg.

"so wheres my gorgeous son and 2 wonderful grandkids?" maura asked

"in the living room playing fifa with louis. and by that sound i think niall just won!" i said as we heard niall let out a triumphant roar. just then he appeared in the hallway.

"mum, greg, karen, john. how are ya?" he said as he was pulled in for hugs. as maura pulled out she looked at nialls wrist. his cuts were healed now but you could still faintly see the razor blade cuts. she shook her head and pulled him in for another hug. i left niall in the hall with everyone and went into the living room to get charlie and alexa. everyone awwed when they saw them.

"this is charlie and this is lexi." i said to everyone.

"girlies, this is nanny maura and uncle greg." niall said leading them up to them.

"hello im charlotte but i like being called charlie"

"and im called alexa but i like being called lexi"

"and this is nanny karen and grandad john" i said.

"they're beautiful" maura said and i blushed.

"lexi charlie why dont you go show everyone where the living room is" niall said and the girls did as they were told. i followed them in and we all sat down. they all gave me their presents. maura gave me £1000.

"maura dont be silly this is way too much." i said

"nonsense lily. the amount niall sends me is way too much. spend this on the new little one when it arrives" she said and i laughed. i pulled her in and hugged her then greg gave me his present

"its not massive, but i raided nialls room at home and found a box with pictures of you two so i made it into a little picture album. theres plenty at the back spare for you and the girls" he said. i hugged him

"thank you so much, its amazing!" i said and he laughed. mum and dads present last. they lead me outside and there it was. my own car. it was a landrover with plenty of space

"by the time you come back from being on tour you will almost be 18 anyway so we thought we would get you it now" my dad said. the boys were going on tour in 2 weeks and me, charlie, alexa and at somepoint the new baby were going with them.

"its amazing daddy i love it" i said as i hugged him extra hard. whilst i was hugging my dad i saw niall sneak into the kitchen followed by the two girls. i sat down on the sofa when they came back in. niall had a cake in his hand and a very sickly looking one at that. they sang happy birthday and niall put the cake down in front of me. i blew out the candles and made a wish. then we cut the cake uup and everyon had abit

"do you like it mummy?" alexa asked

"me and lexi made it for you" charlie said

"i love it" i replied and took a massive bite of it. it was actually quite nice. when we had finished our cake we went out. every couple got to choose a place to go. my mum and dad chose the london eye, maura and greg chose ripleys believe it or not, liam and harry chose london zoo, zayn and perrie chose to go to the natural histiry museum, louis and el chose the science museum, charlie and alexa chose hamleys (niall suggested it" and me and niall chose madame tussauds. we were all set for the day. first we went to  the natural history museum and then the sciene museum. the girls loved it there and everyoe insisted on buying the things from the gift shops. then we made our way to hamleys. we spent half an hour in there and the girls got yet again more toys. niall took me into build-a-bear and made me one. i called it snowflake becuase its fur was the colour of snow. after hamleys we went to the zoo and then to ripleys. the girls loved the zoo (especially the monkeys and penguins). then we went to madame tussauds. i almost broke down in tears when niall posed next to his waxwork. i could see him edging towards the waxworks lower area. by the time we left madame tussauds it was 6,0,clock. our final stop was the london eye. niall insisted that me and hm have a seperate pod. the girls were more than happy to spend time with their new nans, grandad and uncle. i stared out of the window of the pod whilst niall held me from behind. when we got almost to the top niall pulled his phone out and put last first kiss on.

"may i have this dance?" he asked and i nodded. we danced and niall sang his parts to me. his voice was angelic when we sung. by the time the song stopped we were at the top. he turned his phone off and stared at me.

"lily baton. i love you so much and i know i always will. we already have 2 beautiful daughters an another child is on the way. theres only one more thing that we need to do before our lives are perfect. lily what im trying to say is..." he got down on one knee as we were exactly at the top. he pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it. inside was the most beautiful ring i had ever seen

"lily baton will you marry me?" i was in tears straight away. i staed at niall

"yes of course i will" i said and he pulled me in and hugged me. we sat at the front of the pod and looked out of the window for the rest of the journey. he had his arm wrapped around me and it took me quite a while to stop the tears rolling down my face

"niall" i asked "is this my surprise?"

"half of it princess. you'll have the rest later" we stepped out the pod. everyone else had been in the one before us so they were already there. my mum obviously noticed my tearstained face and came over and hugged me

"what happened darling?" she asked and i showed her my hand.

"oh my god darling thats brilliant" she said and soon everyone knew about me and niall. we told the girls and they were extremely happy. we then went home. we had 2 cars between us. i was in one with alexa, charlie, maura, perrie, el and my mum whilst all thr boys were i another. half way home el decided she needed the toilet so we stopped to let her go. the minute she got back in the car charlie decided she needed to go. i took her in there whilst the others waited in the car. we came back and i found niall waiting at the door with two suitcases. he walked up to me

"no for the other half of your surprise. we are going to spain for a week. just us 2. then the boys and lexi and charlie will join us there and then we will spend a week there altogether before we all go to america together" he said and i smiled.

"niall james horan i love you!" we said goodbye to the girls and got back into the car. we mad our way to the airport an by 10,0,clock we were on a plane and on our way to spain.

we arrived at our hotel 2 hours later and settled down for the night. tonight was going to be perfect!

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