back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


15. chapter 15

i once celebrated my girlfriends 17th birthday in style.


nialls p.o.v


i couldnt believe it. lily is 17 today! it was exactly 4 years ago i met her. times flown past. we have had the girls 2 months now and already it seems like they are actually ours. lilys pregnant aswell. her mum wasnt too pleased when she told her but i think shes okay with it now. i think her mum trusts me not to leave lily so the baby will be fine. lilys now 6 months along. we didnt find out until she was 5 months when she started throwing up (alot i might add) and she was barely showing. within a month however shes gone to almost twice her size. shes still just as beautiul. i rolled onto my side and saw her lying there asleep. she looked so peaceful. i slowly crept out of bed and went into charlies room. we put two more small beds in her little area as her and alexa like to have 'sleepovers' in eachothers rooms. we havent enrolled them in school yet as me and the boys are going on tour in two weeks.lily and the girls are coming and lilys going to be their tutor. she was going to become a teacher anyway but at the moment she wants to focus on family life. charlie and alexa were already awake and talking to eachother. i crept into the area with my finger to my lips. the girls understood and we went downstairs.

"right girlies, its mummys birthday today. shall we make her some nice breakfast then when uncle lee, auntie dan-dan, uncle boo, auntie ellie, uncle zee, auntie perrie, and uncle hazzie get here she can open her presents." i said. i know silly nicknames but the girls chose them. the girls didnt see perrie as much as little mix were on tour so she didnt reakky have a nickname yet.

"can we make mummy pancakes?" asked alexa.

"sure sweetheart" i replied.

"daddy, can we make mummy a birthday cake?" she asked and i smiled.

"of course princess." we started making the cake first. well i made the cake whilst the girls raided the cuboards for anything sweet they could use to decorate it. soon we had packets of strawberry laces, fruit pastilles, rolos,mistrels and all sorts on our kitchen side. soon the cake was in the oven so i started making the pancakes. we had a whole plate on them. the girls decided they wanted to take up chocolate spread, peanut butter, sugar, lemon juice, jam up with them for their pancakes. i didnt say anything about the peanut butter. i just laughed in my head. we entered the room and both alexa and chalie immediatly bundelled on top of lily. she woke up and smiled.

"hey gorgeous girlies" she said

"hello mummy happy birthday" charlie said

"we made you pancakes and a..." alexa said but she was cut off by charlie

"shhhh lexi its a surprise" they both giggled. i put the tray of pancakes on the bed and sat next to lily. i gave the girls a pancake each and they sat there eating them. i took my pancake and charlie smiled.

"daddy, we brought you up peanut butter because uncle hazzie said that you like peanut butter, lemon, chocolate spread and jam on your pancakes. didnt he lexi" charlie said and alexa nodded

"did he now?" i asked and they both nodded like crazy. i got a pancake and put all of those things on my pancake. i took a bite and almost threw up. i was going to kill harry later.both girls were staring at me. i couldnt not eat it. i swallowed bite after bite. i love food normally but this was a crime of nature. we finished our pancakes.

"lexi, charlie why dont you two go play in charlies room for a bit and then ill come get you and we can finsh mummys surprise. they ran off happily. i helped lily out of bed and into the shower. she still wasnt quite used to being so big yet. she went into the bathroom and had a shower whilst i talked to her.

"so the boys well be here in a bit and then mine and your parents will be here about 12,0,clock. then we are going out for the day and later i have a surprise for you. and so do the girls but you can have that when the boys are here." i said

"okay hunny. whats the girls surprise?" she asked. i laughed

"i cant tell you that or it wont be a surprise. anyway you finish your shower and ill see you when you come downstairs." i walked out of the bathroom and into charlies room.

"come on girls lets go finish mummys surprise" i said and we went back downstairs into the kitchen. we took the cake out of the oven and let it cool down whilst the girls went and played in the garden with loopy. the absoloutely loved her and wanted to play with her every minute of every day. they wanted her to sleep in their rooms with them but she wasnt quite house trained yet. not long and she would be though. the girls played for about 20 minutes whilst i watched them. i absoloutely loved having kids. i mean alexas young enough to actually be mine but im only 14 years older than charlie. it must feel even weirder for lily as theres only 8 years between them. as much as i love alexa and charlie though i cant wait for lily to give birth. i mean its great having kids but they're arent acually mine. i mean what if one day alexa and charlie want to go find their real mums. they probably wont but its always an option for them. i consider them as my daughters but i really want a daughter or son of my own flesh and blood.i called the girls in and just as i was about to get the cake out the doorbell rang.

"can we answer it daddy? we wont let stangers in will we lexi" charlie said. alexa shook her head. them two were so close. charlie had to ask alexa her opinion on everything.

"go on then. and tell whoever it is im in the kitchen" i said as they ran down the hallway. soon louis and eleanor came in each holding a child.

"sup nialler" louis said and i laughed

"sup boobear. just making lilys surprise from the girls." he glanced at the cake and at the pink icing i was making now

"looks actually delicious" he said

"it will look better when the girls have covered every bit of it in sweets and made it the most sickly cake ever" i said and he laughed. "help yourself to food mate. we've had breakfast. pancakes and im gonna officially kill harry" i said. el smiled

"let me guess. he told the girls about the peanut butter and other stuff pancakes. he tried to do that to me when i first met lou" she said

"did you fall for it?" i asked

"yes unfortunately she did. but i didnt want to offend her so early in our relationship" louis said

"it took him a year and about 100 peanut butter pancakes to have the guts to tell me" el said

"niall can you help me get lilys present out the car" louis asked and i nodded

"el can you supervise the girls put the sweets on please. we wont be long" i asked and el nodded

"course, i'd be delighted to help two amazing little chefs make the best cake in the world." i smiled as i walked out the door. we got lilys present from lou and el out the car. i already knew what he had got her. a cot for the new baby with about a dozen cuddly toys. el had also got her some new clothes that she probably wouldnt be able to wear for a while. we were on our way indoors  when liam, zayn, perrie and harry arrived. they all were holding presents.

"no dani?" i asked liam and he looked a little uncomfortable

"no, we decided to end it last night and just be friends" he said. i put the cot down and gave him a bear hug. then we carried the stuff inside and all went into the kitchen. the girls had done and amazing job and there was no cake in sight. just a mountain of sweets. el was sitting there laughing as the girls messed around. she was really great with lexi and charlie. everyone went in the living room and i went upstairs to get lily. she was just coming out of the bedroom. we went downstairs. el and perrie gave her a massive hug each.

"you look great lily" el said "i cant wait for the little one to arrive. im gonna be her favourite auntie."

"no i am" perrie exclaimed and the pretended to have a mini cat fight

"actually i think auntie jennifer is going to be number 1" louis said in a really stupid lady voice everone was in fits. lily opened her present and she loved them. she got the cot, clothes and toys from el and lou. harry got her another blazer

"can i have mine back now. seeing as you stole it from me like 4 years ago" he said and she smiled

"technically you gave it to me and no im keeping it. i have many good memories of snuggling into that when i missed you guys" everyone awwed. harry also gave her £500.

"thanks harry but why do need this?" she asked

"dunno. but if i was you i would spend it on the girls." i stared at harry. he almost gave it away. liam got her a charm bracelet. on it was 4 charms. 1 for every birtday w have known her. she had a music note, a piano, a guitar and a cherry. she love it. zayn and perrie brought her some clothes and some stuff to take on tour with us. i got her a charm for her charm bracelt. it was the letter n

"you can have your other present later" i said

"niall. is this rude because young ears are listening. besides your mum is in the room next door to us tonight." everyone laughed

"its not that lily" i said with a smile

"what is it then?" she asked

"you will see later my impatient princess. you will see later."

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