back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


14. chapter 14

i once held a little girls hand and fell in love


lilys p.o.v


i stared at my phone screen. am i doing the right thing i asked myself. i didnt give myself time to answer though. i just dialled her number

"hey sweetheart" she said answering the phone

"um hey mum" i said " thought i would let you know that im a mum" there was a moments silence. before she spoke

"really lily, i would have thought better of you" she said and i couldnt help but laugh.

"maybe i didnt say it clear enough. what i meant to say was me and niall adopted. we didnt mean to. we went to an adoption home for the boys to cheer the kids up and the owner was keeping a 5 year old kid locked up in a room. we adopted 2 though. alexa is 5 and charlie is 8" the phone was silent again

"im proud of you lily. wanting to be responsible like that." she said. i smiled. i know she ouldnt see me but i couldnt stop myself.

"so mum. anytime you want to ome down and meet your new grandkids. be my guest"

"how about 2 months hun. i know, ill come down on your birthday. it will be a double celebration."

"thanks mum. love you. speak to you soon" i hung up the phone and stared at niall. he was also on the phone so i went into the living room where the girls were playing with the boys.

"so alexa and charlie. shall we go shopping?" i asked and they nodded. i turned to liam

"liam, your the responsible one, tell niall where we've gone when he comes out the bedroom. hes on the phone" i said as me, alexa and charlie walked out the door


nialls p.o.v


i was on the phone with my mum and trying to somehow bring alexa and charlie into the conversation. there was no way round this was there...

"mum" i said "dont be mad or anything. but me and lily have adopted." i said. i heard her laugh

"you good boy niall. im so happy for you. my responsible baby. im coming over for lilys birthday in about 2 months anywayill meet them then." she said

"okay. love you mum"

"love you niall" we hung up and i walked into the living room. lily wasnt there and neither were alexa and charlie.

"where have they gone?" i asked and liam turned to me

"lilys taken the girls out shopping" he replied and then carried on playing on his phone.

"boys."  i said "ive got an idea and i need your help" i explained my idea and they all agreed to help me


lilys p.o.v


we entered the shopping centre. first thing on my list was car seats, then new clothes and toys and then finally food. i didnt know what they liked to eat so i thought it would be nice to get them some stuff they definately eat.

"so charlie, where shall we shop first" i asked

"im not allowed to say" she said. i was a little confused

"why baby?" i asked her

"because my old mummy said that everytime i choose a shop she will smack me. im not allowed to choose" she said. i was shocked. how could a woman do that to her child

"charlie your not with your old mummy anymore. your with me and ill never smack you. you can definately choose a shop" i said. she looked at a map of the shopping center i was holding

"can we go to.... superdry?" she asked and i nodded. we walked into the shop and immediatly her and alexa were running round choosing clothes. i laughed and soon we had arms full of clothes. after an hour in superdry i took them to hollister and the same thing happened again. and in gilly hicks. by the time we got back to the car i had about 10 shopping bags on each arm. all full to the brim with clothes. then we went to halfords and i made our driver, dan come in with me and the girls to help us. it took ages but finally we chose two. by this time though  both girls, who had been looking at the bikes, decided that they wanted a bike. they didnt actually say this but their hints were pretty obvious. i let them choose a bike and they were both extremely happy. i felt so grown up doing this. i wasnt even 17 yet and i was already, in a way, a kind of mum. after we finally piled into the car with the bikes and car seats we made our way to asdas. the girls were more than happy to choose food. soon my whole trolley was full up. i dont think the girls actually knew what they were choosing but i think they were just happy to be there. we pulled up to the house and i noticed a note on the floor.

dear lily,

go next door. i have a surprise for you.

love niall xx

i made dan drive round to next door where i saw niall waiting there with a massive smile. i looked at the sign he was leaning on. sold

"oh my god niall, you didnt!" i yelled and he nodded. he walked over to me and lea e, alexa and charlie inside. the house was beautiful. he fist lead us up to alexas room. it was pink with a princess bed in the middle. on one of her walls there was the words one direction. the boys had signed theirnams and also but silly comments on the wall. the also had thier hand prints on the wall.

"niall, its amazing!" i said an he smiled.

"i love it mummy and daddy thank you" she cried an went to sit on her new bed. she also had wardrobes and other silly things that would amuse a 5 year old. then we went next door into charlies room. it was bright purple with a double bed. she had a desk, wardrobe, drawers but my fabourte feature was definately her extra area hidden behind a curtain. we went in the and it was about the siza of a small bedroom and in it was a beanbag and loads of random things like colouring books and toys.

"thank you so much daddy!" she said whilst smiling then she stopped. "dont i get a one direction wall?" niall laughed

"no princess, but you get this." he said and he lead her through a door. inside was her own bathroom and inside it was all pink with basically th same things that were on alexas wall.

"i cant wait to show you are room" he said.

"niall calm yourslef down" i said pointing at his parts. he went red and cupped his hands over it "anyway the girls want to show you their new clothes, bikes and food we brought and then you can make us dinner. he smiled as the girls ran to get their cloths out the car. as i followed them he smacked my bum. i turned round and smiled

"cheeky!" i said and he laughed.

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