back for you (niall horan fan fic)

she was 13. he was 19. she loved him like millions of teen girls. he didnt know she existed. till one day.....

lily baton loved one direction. she went to a concert with her best friend daisy. when lily has a panic attack and passes out she gets the surprise of her life. waken up with 5 of the fittest boys on the planet around her. niall falls in love but he knows its wrong. a 6 year age gap was fine, but not when shes 13. niall promised her that when she was 16 he would find her.

3 years later on her birthday he does just that. but is niall too late?


11. chapter 11

i once left a hospital with scars on my wrist. i once left a hospital supporting a girl who i put in hospital. i once left a hospital with cameras flashing all around me


nialls p.o.v


i grasped lilys decent hand

"ready?" i asked. she nodded. we pushed open the hospital doors and walked out. cameras flashed around us.

"niall what happened?" they shouted but i ignored them. i helped lily hobble across the car park and into the car. louis drove and we all sat in the back. we pulled into the drive and saw zayn standing there looking angry.

"you idiot." he yelled "i was in bradford when i get a call saying niall tryed to kill himself and lily had been hit by a car" i walked up to him. he hugged me. then i stepped back

"please say none of you told my mum" i said. louis harry and liam shook their heads. zayn however looked really guilty. just then a car pulled up. out stepped my mum who immediatly ran and latched herself on to me.

"you stupid little boy. you could have died!" she said

"i didnt though mum. and think of me as lucky. i didnt get hit by a car." i said and my mum turned round and glanced at lily.

"oh darling are you okay?" she asked and lily nodded. "good now niall im not staying just passing through but i had to make sure my baby was okay. and dont you ever scare me like that again young man." she said

"i promise i wont mum" i said before she got back in the car and left. i stared at lily. she looked back at me.

"nandos?" i asked. she nodded

"guys get your bums here we are going nandos!" lily shouted. the boys came running downstairs


we pulled into nandos and lily smiled.

"i challenge you to an eating contest." she said

"fine we will have a jumbo platter each. whoever eats the most of it wins." i said

"its on " she replied. my phone went off from twitter

@louis_tomlinson: eating competition between @niallofficial and @lilydirection. will tweet results :)

the waitress brought our food over. me and lily stared at eachother before starting to eat. our time limit was an hour. we kept eating and eating. within half an hour lily had finished. i was still only half way through. i tried to carry on but i couldnt. it was too much.

"okay okay you win" i said and all the boys cheered. my phone went off again

@louis_tomlinson: results... @lilydirection wins. bad luck @niallofficial

the tweet got millions of retweets. people were starting hate on me though. telling me i was disgustig for cheating on lily and i should kill myself. i just ignored them and soon my phone went off again

@lilydirection: stop giving @niallofficial hate. i forgive him and thats all that matters. a relationship is between 2 people and not the whole world. clearly some of you need to learn that.

i pulled lily in and kissed her.

"i love you princess"

"i love you to baby"

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