The killer is in town

A killer hides under the towns shadows. Nobody knows who, or what he is. They call him 'butcher'. Every year one body disapears, and never returnes. One day Summer get kidnapped. Never in her wildest dreams, she would believe that she was going to be kidnapped. Will she just be another victim? Or will she defeat 'butcher' and return to her family?


2. Where is Summer?

Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Brooke and Daisy ran over to Tyler. What? He ask. They hear that he isn't in the mood to talk with them. Summer is gone!! Her mom can't find her anywhere. She got home from the grocery store and she was just gone. The only thing she found was a broken vase and Summers flower hair clip! Wait, what? Tyler is chocked. Summer is gone?
Tyler walkes away quietly. The sounds of him breaking up with her, come all falshing back. He hears her laugh and sees her smile. 'Where are you Summer?' He whispers to himself.

When Tyler comes to class, he cans ee on there faces, that they know about her. Someone is crying. Not Brooke or Daisy. They pretend like nothing has happend. Some friends, huh? Tyler thought. The teacher walks in. Hello Students. Summer Johnson is gone. She was kidnapped yesterday. Police will come at talk to you tomorrow. You can all go home. The principal thinks it will be too much to contiue schoo for todayl.

The Students walk all quietly out  the door. The teacher stops Brooke and Daisy. He says he wants to talk to them. Tyler walkes home alone. He isn't in the mood for company at the moment. He's thinking off Summer. Things he sould have said. And things he should'nt. I must find her, Tyler said.

Meanwhile, Summer is sitting alone in a dark room. She's behind bars. 'Hey! Cheating isn't a crime! Duuh? Let met out!  
You wanna leave already, Summer? But you just got here. A dark voice come's out off the dark. Summer is shaking. W-w-w-who are you? W-what do you wa-ant? No response. What is happening? Summer starts screaming for help as loud as she can. No response. She tries to invastigate. Her eyes are getting used to the dark. She's in a cave. With three other rooms. They also have bars. He-e-ello? Summer stutters. Nothing. At last, she just breaks down crying.
After a few hours, she is getting hungry.

Missed me? I have a deal for you, princess. I want to play a game. I have five challanges for you. You survive them, i'll let you go. If you don't, you'll die like the others. One other boy will be joining you. He's named Ethan. He's trapped, like you.  Summer starts shaking all ove her body. She is so scared. Butcher opens the door. He walkes twoards Summer. She runs to the corner off the cell. He's comming closeer and closer. He touches her body all over.  He laughs. He  takes off her shirt. Summer cries. Then her pants, he tears off. Soon she is naked. He study's her body for a while. The he gives her, some kind of clothing. She quickly puts it on. Right before Butcher takes her clothes, Summer manages somehow to grab her phone, without him seeing it. He walks away, leaving her alone again. She wipes her tears away. This is real. Summer said. Time to be a big girl. Her phone has 200 missed calls, and 250 texts. All from her mom and..Tyler? I thought he hated me?
Tyler wrote to her: Summer! I have called you so many times! If this is another prank, I will kill you. But Summer. If it isn't..Summer I just wanted to say I love you. I understand that you really loved me..I'm sorry I broke up with you. I love you Summer Johnson. And I promise. I will do anything in my power to save you my love.
Summer breaks down crying more than ever. She cries for hours and hours. She repeated to herselft: 'He will come for me..He will come for me'

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