The killer is in town

A killer hides under the towns shadows. Nobody knows who, or what he is. They call him 'butcher'. Every year one body disapears, and never returnes. One day Summer get kidnapped. Never in her wildest dreams, she would believe that she was going to be kidnapped. Will she just be another victim? Or will she defeat 'butcher' and return to her family?


1. Summer.



Summer wakes up in her huge room. It's pink. Eveything.Pillows, windows, carpet and chairs. Summer has the perfect life! Her hair is perfectly blond, she has blue eyes, and perfect skin.The sun is shining bright in Calafornia. She gets out of her bed, and steps in to her own bathroom. She takes a bubblebath. After she steps into her massive closet. Summer has very rich parents, so she has all the newest clothes, shoes, bags and of course, jewlerly.
After she pickes her clothes of the day, she hurrys down stairs. Breakfast? mom asks. No, said Summer. You know I am on a diet mom? duuh? Hone! Come back hoem safe! I don't want the killer to get you! My mom is so stupid, Summer thought. Summer walked outside, and to  school. She drived in a brand new Bentley. My dad tottaly knew I wanted a BMW? What a jerk. Summer thought as she arrived at school. As she walked indside the school, she gets a text: Hey Summer, Lokking good today. See you tomorrow. Summer thinks it's just a perv. They like to scare her and perv her, but little did she know.
'Hey summer!!'  'Hi Summer! Hottie!' The guys at school whistle at her. Omg, nerds, she responds. Summer walks up to her best friends, Brooke and Daisy. So, how far did he get yesterday? Like more than second base right? Brook while smiling stupidly. Shut up you idiot! Summer said. You know my boyfriend or anyone can't know I cheated? Omg, get a brain! Yeaah..Daisy tried. Uh there is your boyfriend, Summer! Brooke said. Tyler ran to her to give her a kiss. Tyler was tan, brown hair, and light blue eyes. I was worriedabout you Summer. I was afraid the butcher had taken you. Tyler was so sweet. Summer and her friends, loved to make others feel like shit. Hey fatty! Daisy said to the boy who ate his sorrow away. Where did you get those clothes? The Dumbster? Brooke said to the girl, who had to spend all her money for food to her family. Nobody said anything to stand up for the people who got bullied. No one had the courage to do it.  The whole day went like that. Summer and her friends where the mean girls in the school. They had the best life. Perfect hair, perfect skin, eyes, clothes. Everything was about to change. Tyler ran up to Summer. What the f**k is this?! He held a picture that proved Summer had been cheating. Summer and a guy kissing, 
I can exlapin honey! He jumped on me! Summer said. Yeah right! I know you Summer. It's over! The whole school was watching. Summer got a text:
Now you are all mine. Can't wait for tommorow babe. And sorry about the picture. Had to be done.
Now Summer was very scared. Who could do a prank like this? Summer just ran home. It was even worse there. Mom and dad where yelling at each other. Loud and agressive. Dad left, and mom sat down crying. Summer just went to her room. What a horrible day!!! She wrote in her Diary. Tyler broke up, he saw some picture that proves my affair with the hot teacher..And my my dad left mommy crying. Yay. Well yeah, goodnight.

Summer closed her book. She heard a noise. Her heart started to pump faster. She got up from bed, and went down stairs. Mom? Someone broke a vase. Starnge..Summer whisperd to herself.
Summer turns around. A man is standing there. He has a black long coat all the way down too is knees. Black boots, panst and shirt. But he is wearing a mask. It's a face. It's has a big, but very scary smile, and big dark eyes. HI. The man says. 


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