The killer is in town

A killer hides under the towns shadows. Nobody knows who, or what he is. They call him 'butcher'. Every year one body disapears, and never returnes. One day Summer get kidnapped. Never in her wildest dreams, she would believe that she was going to be kidnapped. Will she just be another victim? Or will she defeat 'butcher' and return to her family?


6. New friend and new rules.

Why do you think they call him Butcher? I mean, he hasn’t really tortured us yet, has he? Butcher hadn’t been down there for a while now. He just came down, said it was time  and ran back upstaris. While waiting for him too come back, Summer and Ethan got to know each other.
Why do you think they call him Butcher? I mean..He never really tortured anyone..has he? Summer’s hearts stopped. A flashback lead her to when she was five. She saw a headline in the paper: The killer is in town. After that alot of friends, neighbours went missing. She never understood why. When she got older, they’re body’s where found. There where signs of serious torture. This would happen to them if they don’t get the fuck out of here. Summer? He asks. You okay? Yeah sure, she says calmy. But..Just as Summer is about to answer, Butcher  stands right infront of Ethan. You’ll see why they call be Butcher.
‘Okay you sorry asses. Before I tell you the rules of the game, you have too meet the last member of the wolfpack, he laughed.
His name is Jeremy’. Butcher throws him in the third and last cell.
#1: Have no mercy. You have to have a dark cold blooded heart to surivive this game.
#2: Kill anything that's moving.
#3: Have fun.
‘Any questions?’ Butcher asked. He was exited too start the game. Everyone were nervous and terrified
Ethan asked: Why are you doing this?. Butcher looked at him and said: I’m just doing what my daddy thaught me, he laughed. What a sick bastard..Jeremy whisperd. That was not the right thing too say.
Buther was furious. He opend his cell and stared beating him. Jeremy was screaming so loud. Stop, please! Summer and Ethan where choked. Jeremy really pushed the wrong buttons. Summer thought that she didn’t want to be the same bitch she was back home. Butcher stop! She yelled. She never stood up for someone before. It felt good. Butcher stopped. He looked at Summer. He left Jeremy. He wasn’t dead, but very weak. Butcher took Summer. He grabbed her wrists and dragged her into har door next to the stairs where he always came and disappeared. Summer was so scared. She screamed. Let go of me!! He closed the wooden door. He threw Summer on the floor. She was crying, and couldn’t catch her breath.
Butcher slowly approached her. He started taking her clothes off. Summer couldn’t bear this one more time. She yelled for help like someone was actully going to hear her. Butcher taped her mouth and tied her hands to a rope that was hanging from the ceiling. He beat her up, so she wouldn’t struggle.  A first the cried out for help, but then she just gave up. She just wanted this to be over.
When she didn’t stuggle, her undressed her fully. He laughed and started his buisness. He came inside her. Summer was crying so hard. When it finally was over, he said that this wasn’t the last time. Just the thought of it made her wanna kill herselft.
Butcher escorted her back to her cell, and disappeared back upstaris. She could feel that Jeremy and Ethan wanted too say something, but didn’t know what. Summer was weak. She made her way into the corner where the light couldn’t reach. She just sat there and tried not to think about what just happend.
I’m really sorry about what happend..You can talk about it if you want, Ethan said. Summer most likely felt like to punch him in the face. Not because she what mad at him, she was just mad, but since no one ever said that they where there for her, she couldn’t be angry at him. Thanks she said. It’s nice, but I’d rather not talk about it.
Now that Summer and Jeremy were weak and beat up, he couldn’t  start the game just yet. Ethan never said anything to Butcher. He must be his favorite.

*Hello you guys.
I can imagine you're starting to think it's getting booring, but please don't stop reading! Next chapter you'll hear about  Tyler of he's alive or not, and then finally they start the first game out of five. I can't wait to start writing!

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