The killer is in town

A killer hides under the towns shadows. Nobody knows who, or what he is. They call him 'butcher'. Every year one body disapears, and never returnes. One day Summer get kidnapped. Never in her wildest dreams, she would believe that she was going to be kidnapped. Will she just be another victim? Or will she defeat 'butcher' and return to her family?


4. Ethan.

Tyler woke up. He picks up his phone, and types Summer's number in. Idiot. He says to himself. Tyler starts crying. Hello? Tyler's mom comes in. She looked very worried. Are you okay my son? No. Tyler says, while crying .I I'll call your teacher and tell her you're not comming to school today, she said quietly and  closed the door. Tyler feels numb. He can't to anything, but lying in his bed. Thinking about her. After a week she went missing, he lost alot of weight and hasn't been in school. His mom was very worried. Tyler was an only child, and their dad left them when Tyler was only 10.
I have  to pick my selft up if I wanna to save Summer. Tyler whispers to himself. Tyler stood up. He sits down at his desk. What can I do to save her? He writes down everything that might had sounded suspicious. Maybe there is some evidence of that she was in danger. The last time he saw her, she acted a little weird. Like her thoughts where else were. Did she knew something? He plays the day in his head a thousand times. He has to get away from here. Far away. Just for a litle while. Tyler hurries outside, in his car, and drives far away. A place where nobody is. Quiet and nice. When is arrives, he screams as loud as he can. I needed to get that out. Tyler thought. Then it hits him. This is where he got his first kiss with Summer.

Tyler!! Mom! Dad!! Daisy! Brooke! Anyone! No one could hear her scream. Everything was empty. She was all alone. What did he mean with those challanges? Mabye he's just a weirdo, and will let me go soon. No that's just stupid. She sits in a corner. For a week, the only thing she had eaten was bread and water. How can he do this? This is so not good for my skin!  I will tottaly lose my body. I have a perfect body! Summer is angry, but then! Summer catches herself thinking those awful thoughts, in this situation. What is wrong with me? I'm trapped in a psyco's cave, and i'm think about my body? I need help. Summer can hear steps. Is it Butcher? Or that new guy, Ethan? 

Hi Summer. This is your new friend, Ethan. He throws him in another cell. I saw your boyfriend today. He's looking for you. You stay away from him! How cute! If you behave, i'll mabye not torture him. We will see. Summer screams. She is furious. Butcher just laughs and leaves. Summer's anger, turns into tears. She grabs her phone. So many calls, and texts. Should I send a text? But to who? Her mom or Tyler? She only had one chance. Butcher would find it soon.Tyler.
Tyler. I will only send you this text. A don't answer!
 I am trapped in some psyco's cave. He won't let me go, and I have no idea where I am. I just wanna tell you i'm okay, and i'm comming back for you all. Tell my mom that I love her, Very much. And Tyler? I'm very sorry.

Send. As soon as she pushes send, Butcher comes running. As if he knew she had her phone, and wanted her to send a text. He opens her cell. He's walking fast twords her. Summer closes her eyes. She can feel his fist, against her head. Then er belly.  Then his legs on her back, , and belly. he grabs the phone and leaves. It was worth is, Sumemr thought. 
Butcher yells: Don't you think that text was worth it! You will regret it. Mark my words.
Summer Shakes. Hi. M-m-y name is Ethan. D-d-o you know where we are? Summer understand he's just as scared as she was when she first arrived. She had to be very nice, and not bitchy. Hi! My name is Summer. I'm sorry, I don't know exactly where we are, but I know a guy kidnapped us, named  Butcher. We have to face five challanges, if make can get trough them, we will get out of here.That's all I know. Ethan cries. I'm sorry..He says. Where are you from? Summer asks. New York, Im 16 years old. How about you? He wipes away his tears and looks at Summer.  I'm from Calafornia, i'm sixteen too. Can I hear your story? I'll tell you mine afterwards? Summer askes him. So we can get to know each other. Sure, Ethan says.
I was born and raised in a very poor home. My dad hit us every single day, and ,my mother was a drug addict. My sister was so beutiful, but my dad sold her so they could afford to live and drugs of course. Now she is some where in the world, and pleasing other stangers. I'm going to find her. I ran away from home, because they planned to sell me as a slave.I  lived three years on the street until I ended up here. Summer was shoked. While crying, she told him, her story. About Taylor, her friends Brooke and Daisy, and how mean she had been. Just when she had finished Butcher came down and said: It's time.

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