The killer is in town

A killer hides under the towns shadows. Nobody knows who, or what he is. They call him 'butcher'. Every year one body disapears, and never returnes. One day Summer get kidnapped. Never in her wildest dreams, she would believe that she was going to be kidnapped. Will she just be another victim? Or will she defeat 'butcher' and return to her family?


5. Desperate times causes desperate acts.

Tyler. I will only send you this text. A don't answer!
 I am trapped in some psyco's cave. He won't let me go, and I have no idea where I am. I just wanna tell you i'm okay, and i'm comming back for you all. Tell my mom that I love her, Very much. And Tyler? I'm very sorry.

Tyler is in chock. What? He reads the text over and over again. He is confused and it takes him hours to realize that this is real. Summer, his beloved grilfriend sent him a text from a psyco’s cave. What is he doing to my Summer? Tyler gets angry just the thougt of it. ‘I swear, when I catch that man..’ Tyler stops. ‘Hi honey.’ His mom says. ‘Do you think you can manage to go too school today?’ Tyler was so depressed, he hasn’t been to school for a month. He still feels week and horrible. He just feels like giving up, but when he looks at his mom to say no, he sees how broken she is. Her little boy is so sad, angry, depressed. Tyler had to say yes. His mother smiled a smile he hadn’t seen in a very long time. He could here his parents scream and yell of joy in the kitchen.

Tyler got dressed and walked to the kitchen. His mother made bacon, eggs, pancakes. They all where very happy. Tyler’s little brother ran up to him and gave him a huge, tight hug saying ‘Hi Tyler’. Tyler laughed and sat down at the table.
His family was so happy, they talked about everything ,and for a while, Tyler was happy too! It felt like Summer was still there, waiting for him at school. A flashback pops up in Tyler’s head.  ‘Tyler! Why are you so late? I missed you honey!’ Summer’s long blond hair waves in the wind. Her blue eyes shined brighter than the sun. They were laughing and having fun.
That was a year before se went missing. ‘Tyler?’ Mom askes. ‘Tyler! Come on you’re going to be late for school’ She says in a soft voice. ‘yes.’ Tyler says. After the flashback he’s even more depressed, but he can’t let his mother down. First he drives his little brother too school and then to his school.
Everyone is watching him. ‘Hi Tyler!!’ ‘Why haven’t you been too school Tyler?’ ‘How are you Tyler?’
Brooke and Daisy ran over to him. ‘Oh my god Tyler! We like tottaly missed you!’. They were laughing and smiling. ‘What? How..what? Your best friend is kidnapped and you don’t give a shit?’ Tyler is angry. Daisy laughs. ‘What? Best friend? Oh my god Tyler! We where like never best friends? We only hung out with her because she was popular!’ ‘A-and because she has a hot boyfriend!’ Brooke says while chewing a huge pink gum. ‘Shut up Brooke! So Tyler? Like..Don’t you think we should like..go out? Like On a date?  Daisy says. Tyler just walkes away from them. He was an inch away from punching they’re faces, but he had to control himself. What is wrong with everyone? It’s like Summer never went missing?
After a very long hard day on school it’s finally over. Tyler can’t stand the pain in his chest. Summer is gone and nobody gives a shit. Tyler is so angry he has to stop the car. He must calm down. When he finally arrives home, he is all alone. The silence is louder than ever. He can’t stop thinking about Summer. Summer getting raped, beat, and tortured by that man.
He picks up some pills, and stares at them. Is this it? First he writes a letter. To his family and friends. He apologizes that he hasn’t been himselft latly, and says that this isn’t there fault.
He finish the letter. Picks up the pills. ‘A handful would do it’ Tyler says.
Then it hits him. He is going to die. What about his family? Friends? Tyler knows he can’t live another day in this world. Another day in this it world is more than he can handle, but is this the right thing to do? He swallows. His eyes start to fall. He feels very dizzy. The last thing he sees is his mother. She screams: ‘Tyler!'

Hi! Sorry it took me a while to write this one. I have three tests comming up (now two) and i'm also going through at tough time,so I haven't really had time to wirte, but here it is! Hope you like it:D

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