100% Mixer

LITTLE MIX FANS! Stand to attention- this is probably one of THE best books for Mixers! Find quotes, facts and even photos of the girls, so that you're, well: 100% Mixer!


4. Touring and Buys

As well as The X Factor UK Tour in 2012, the girls have also been on their own tour- The DNA Tour! They recorded video diaries (available on YouTube) and had an absolute ball! Jesy says:

"It was the best fun ever! We so enjoyed touring all over the country, and we can't wait to go to the USA!" And they did, heading to America in 2013, just in time for the Kids Choice Awards, where they were nominated for Best UK Band. Perrie tweeted a photo of them in a fancy car, saying- "It doesn't feel like work out here in sunny California- it feels like holiday!" 

The girls are also currently (May 2013!) running a Mixers Magnets competition, where Mixers can win a visit from the girls if their country completes a certain amount of challenges. Exciting!

The girls have also released a lot of style goodies! In UK store Primark, they designed a children's Mixer range, and they have nail wraps and false nails available in New Look. Wow! 

There are also Little Mix dolls, an album, an annual, a game, bedding, an autobiography, keyrings and posters that fans can buy- as well as tickets to see them live!

For information on where Little Mix are going to be, visit their website. You can also buy some Mixer goodies! 

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