100% Mixer

LITTLE MIX FANS! Stand to attention- this is probably one of THE best books for Mixers! Find quotes, facts and even photos of the girls, so that you're, well: 100% Mixer!


1. Little Mix Who?

Little Mix all auditioned for The X Factor seperatley in 2011, and all got through to the Bootcamp stage. Sadly at this point they were all knocked back, but were re-chosen, this time in a band named Rythmix. Together they went through a lot- from Jesy being bullied to the girls becoming Little Mix- and they reached the final. They beat Marcus Collins to take The X Factor crown, with their winner's single Cannonball. 

In February 2012, they went on The  X Factor UK Tour,  and their first single, Wings, was released in September, followed by DNA that November. Their debut album was released on November 27. Busy month! 

In December 2012, the girls brought out their own dolls in the UK, but they recieved some criticism, saying that they 'weren't lifelike', but they still sold well. 

Change Your Life, Little Mix's third single, was out in March, and How Ya Doin' was released in May. 

If you REALLY love Little Mix and are a fan, then have a good look at this book, which will teach you literally everything there is to know about the best girlband on the planet!

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