100% Mixer

LITTLE MIX FANS! Stand to attention- this is probably one of THE best books for Mixers! Find quotes, facts and even photos of the girls, so that you're, well: 100% Mixer!


3. Leigh-Anne and Jade

Leigh-Anne Pinnock, often called Leigh, was born in October 1991 in High Wycombe. She has two sisters, and they used to make up Spice Girls dance routines together! 

Leigh's audition song was 'Only Girl (In The World)' by Rihanna, her favourite singer. She got four yesses, with judge Tulisa saying that she was a mini RiRi! Wow!

She tried her very best at Bootcamp, but was kicked out- and put in Rythmix!

Leigh loves street style- caps, trainers and generally funky clothes! She has 'Believe' and a lot of butterflies tattooed on her back, and she also has her belly button pierced! 

Leigh-Anne also loves hair styling- on The X Factor, she had half of her head shaved, whilst dyed red! OMG! Leigh says:

"I loved my (shaved) hair when it was done, but I'm trying to grow it out and it's taking forever. The two sides are wonky!" LOL!


Jade Amelia Thirlwall was born in December 1992 also in South Shields. She grew up listening to Motown, especially Diana Ross, and she LOVES bows, braces and biscuits!

She auditioned in 2011, too. Her song was 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' by The Beatles. She got four yesses, and joined Rythmix at Bootcamp after being sent home. 

Jade loves Disney- she even has slippers with Daisy Duck on! She still enjoys Diana Ross' music and spending time with her family is important to her. Aw! Jade says:

" I was just thinking 'don't put me in a girlband! I'll never fit in! But I'm here now, and I'm as happy as anything'"! 

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