Back For You *Summer Love Sequel*

Kierra had run away to Australia running away from the boys leaving them wondering. But what will happen the boys turn up in Australia, and what will happen when she finally returns, will the boys except her again or will they reject her?...


8. Wait what?

Layla's POV

Beth Zayn i and the rest of the boys watched as Angie and Liam ran out of the club. We look over to see Harry chasing Kierra we all were frustrated and it pained me to see Harry so upset. 

"hey you wanna go dance?" zayn surprised me by speaking. 

"uh ...sure" he pulled me out onto the dance floor and we began to dance. I took a quick glance towards Niall and Beth they were also dancing while Louis sat awkwardly at the bar. 

Liam's POV

Angie sat there sobbing in my arms as I ran my hands through her hair. "sshhhh Ang look at me " she looked up at me and I pushed a strand of her hair back behind her ear. 

"calm down we'll figure this out ok? " she nodded and I wiped the stray tear running down her beautiful face. We both quickly leaned in and kissed each other. I smiled inwardly as we kissed I still get butterflies when we kiss call me corny but it's true.

I quickly lifted her off the concrete and pulled her close as we began to walk to the bar.

Kierras POV 

I ran away from Harry and onto the dance floor. I could hear him calling my name and I turned to see him right by my side. I thought on instinct I grabbed the closets guy to me and kissed him right in front of Harry.


Its  been a while SO SO so so sorry :-(  forgive me. 

But what do you thinks gonna happen? Pls tell me


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