Back For You *Summer Love Sequel*

Kierra had run away to Australia running away from the boys leaving them wondering. But what will happen the boys turn up in Australia, and what will happen when she finally returns, will the boys except her again or will they reject her?...


6. Surprises with rejection

Harry's POV: 

I woke up to sound of the speaker saying to buckle your seatbelts. So I buckled my belt and awaited the landing. Angie had managed to get hold of Kierra's new friends somehow, but she pretended that she wasn't with us and said she was her long lost cousin, it worked so, thumbs up Angie! Anyway their going to the club The Foam Palace, apparently every night it is a foam party (obviously, cause of the name) and then every so often they just have normal party's. I just hope I can get my girl back, I'm missing her like crazy! 

Ruby POV:

I am really worried about Kierra! Apparently her long lost cousin is coming to see her tonight at the club, called Angie. Wait.....That's what her friend from England's name is. Oh god, what have I done!?!??!?!

Louis POV:

Harry still isn't talking to me like normal, and it has been a year!!! Anyway we are hopefully gonna get Kierra back tonight and everything will be normal!


Harry POV:

We had all gotten into my car and started driving to 'The Foam Palace' Hopefully we would find Kierra, if not than this trip was all a joke! We got there and payed our money to get in, Louis and the guys went to get drinks, while me and Angie went to go and find Kierra, we looked all around and saw no sign of her, when suddenly her I heard her laugh, her amazing, beautiful laugh. I looked at Angie as if to say 'I've found her, let's go over' because she would've no way been able to hear me over the music. So we walked over to Angie and her new friends... "Erm...hey Kierra..." I said nervously.

"Harry what are you doing her?!?!" She shouted "Are the others here too?!". I slowly nodded my head, and she stormed over to the others, she obviously knew us too well if she went over to the bar straight away.

Kierra POV:

Great, just what I need, the boys and girls are here, What am I gonna do now? I stormed off away from Harry to the others at the bar.... What the hell are they here for?!?!?!?

















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