Back For You *Summer Love Sequel*

Kierra had run away to Australia running away from the boys leaving them wondering. But what will happen the boys turn up in Australia, and what will happen when she finally returns, will the boys except her again or will they reject her?...


11. Pregnant!!!???

Niall POV:


We had all been running after Harry for over an hour now and we were all getting tired, especially Beth, my 2 baby girls. I was getting fed up of Harry's bullshit so I took my phone out of my pocket and rang him...


Harry's POV:


I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket telling me someone is calling me. I answered not bothering to look at the caller ID as I couldn't ignore them forever!


H- hello. I sed bluntly.


N- where the fuck are you man! We're all getting tired , and...and Beth's pregnant too, come on, do you have heart!


H- I...I don't know where I am...? I said truthfully!


N- stay there! We're coming to find you.

The line went dead. I did as Niall said and stayed where I was... Thinking, what the fuck, Beth's pregnated with a little Niall! Oh god....


Niall POV:


I hung up the phone and looked up, everyone was staring at me with their mouths down by their knees, except Beth and Angie of course!

'You impregnated her with little Nialls??!!' Kierra said...shocked. I gave a slight nod, and got bundled in a hug. I knew it was Kierra anyone would, she gives amazing hugs!. 'I am so happy for you!!!' She let go of me and gave Beth a hug too! I could tell they missed each other! Maybe just maybe Kierra might consider coming home again...


Louis POV:


'Are we going to find Harry or not!!!' I practically screamed!


'Oh dear, Larry Stylinson has returned once again.' I heard Kierra mutter under her breath. I seriously have missed this girl!

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