Back For You *Summer Love Sequel*

Kierra had run away to Australia running away from the boys leaving them wondering. But what will happen the boys turn up in Australia, and what will happen when she finally returns, will the boys except her again or will they reject her?...


2. Missing her

Louis POV:

I can't believe Kierra left. It has been a year since she left and life isn't the same! Me and the boys, well mainly Harry haven't been the same either, Harry's either crying in his room or out partying. And me... I'm just always in my room, unless were doing a concert. 

Harry POV:

How could she just up and leave, especially in the situation I was in. SHE IS SUCH A BITCH!!! But then again, she probably thinks it's her fault maybe so, oh I don't know!!!!

Niall POV: 

We're all missing Kierra loads, mostly Harry and Louis! When Charlotte first started dating Zayn, I guess I had a little bit of a crush on her, but then she got with Harry. I was distraught all over again. But I got over her, and then I met Beth and now we're married and expecting a little girl so I have a great life and I just think of her as my little sister. I MISS MY SISTER!!!!!!!!

Zayn POV:

I miss Kierra and all, but we didn't really speak especially after I cheated on Charlotte, but I guess I could have her as a friend again.

Liam POV:

OMG! Kierra was like my little sister, I miss her trying to keep the boys in order with me. None of them listen now. They're out of control!! Come back Kierra!!!!!

Beth POV:

I miss Kierra like MILLIONS!! I haven't spoken to anyone since she left!! Not even Niall or Angie! But I did find out I was pregnant. I just hope she's back for the birth!

Layla POV: 

Me and Kierra don't really speak but we do give eachother some advice and we have become closer since we first met. I just wanna be like her and Beth, but I don't wanna try and steal her away from Beth though. That would be cruel! But I really do want her back. Beth hates me and thinks I'm a bitch so I've no girly advice and no girly talk so I need my bitch back!!!!!!!!

Angie POV:

Me and Liam haven't really spoke since Kierra left, and it's really effecting our relationship. But I also need her back. I miss our girly talks with Beth and I just miss her MILLIONS. I want her back. I hope she is, especially for the birth of Beth's baby girl, oh yea and only me and Niall know. WOOHOO. I just wish Kierra knew! 


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