Back For You *Summer Love Sequel*

Kierra had run away to Australia running away from the boys leaving them wondering. But what will happen the boys turn up in Australia, and what will happen when she finally returns, will the boys except her again or will they reject her?...


10. Finding Harry

Louis POV:


I was sitting at the bar drinking shot after shot. I didn't have anything to do, no one to dance with, might as well get hammered, I thought to myself! Alexa had messaged me a couple times while I've been away, I just ignored her, she is out of my life, she blew it , and I should have knew it!(A/N omg that rhymes!)


I saw Kierra going upstairs with a boy and thought nothing of it really she ruined our lives by leaving so why should I care! When suddenly my eyes and ears were drawn to the fact of Kierra running down the stairs shouting and screaming Harry's name! I instantly knew something was up.

I grabbed Liam, Angie, Niall, Beth, Zayn, Layla and told them what I had saw we left and knew there was gonna be long night ahead of us!...


Harry's POV:


I ran and ran for miles not knowing where I really was, I had heard Kierra call my names a few times, but she broke my heart, why should I let her pick up the pieces when she would just drop it all again, I knew she would . My phone had been going off like crazy assuming the calls a messages were from Kierra I had ignored them-and yes we still had each others numbers- I would occasionally message her even though I knew she wouldn't reply, it was my necessity. It feels right, it makes me feel happy.


Kierra's POV:


I had been chasing Harry for over 45 minutes, he was well out of town now! I had called and messaged but he hadn't replied or returned my calls, I can guess why though! I assumed the rest of the crew had realised what had happened they usually find out within minutes of what everything happens. Typical One Direction!

I had just given up by now, and just slouched down on the pavement and felt a tear roll down my cheek, I read couldn't contain myself any longer and just burst into tears. I heard people coming and tried to stop crying but I couldn't. I felt someone come and sit down beside me, instantly knowing it was Liam by his scent. He was always the caring one. I rested my head on his shoulder his soothing words making me feel just that tiny bit better. 'Don't worry Kierra we will find him!' 'Please stop crying' 'Don't you'll make me cry!' I brought up the courage to stop crying and give Liam a huge hug. Oh how I missed him!

'Come on, Let's go find Harry!' I said and everyone agreed!...



I hope you guys like the long chapter for you(well sort of long lol), I wanted to update(again) because it has been so long! I hope you enjoy it!

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