Across The River

Cassie Turner is on a run for her life. Her home, her friends and everything around her seems like its at a turn for the worse. When she gets to The Beckoning River, she finds out there is more to life then what people see. Will she ever go back home?


1. Run, Jump, Hide.

Cassie's P.O.V.

     Walking home with my little brother Jamie. Hes 9 years old and has short blonde hair. I'm Cassie. I'm 15 years old and I have long curly blonde hair. We look just like my mom. Her blonde hair and dark chocolate eyes shine through us. She died when Jamie was born. He often asks about her at random times but not around my dad. If we ever tried asking about her he would go on a rage and yell at us saying it was Jamie's fault and he would start crying and throwing things. Jamie and I would hide in the basement until he was calm which often took a few hours and sometimes even a night or two. He doesn't hit us or abuse us or anything, he just has big anger issues. My mom used to help him a lot. When she died all of the breathing exercises and counting to 10 went away, along with her.
     The cold, bitterness of the air stung my fingertips. It wasn't winter, just a very cool spring afternoon. We stop at the second stoplight on Autumn Street, so we could cross to Barns Boulevard. We live at the very top of the hill on Barns. A big blue house with yellow window panes and doors. When you walk inside you walk into our kitchen. If you keep going, you'll go past our living room, dining room, and the bathroom. You would then come to a staircase leading up to the bedrooms. Jamie's room is the first door you see. If you take a right you would go to my dads bedroom. Take a left and you would be at my room. There's a little bookcase at the end of the hall after my room. My mom told me that if you take out the 8th book on the second shelf, there was a doorknob. She showed me one day when I was home sick. It was her own little library. My mother loved books. She could read them all day and never get bored of them. That's something I missed about her. She would stick to anything she loved whether it bored her or not. She tried her hardest at everything. Anyway, the bookcase would open up and there would be thousands of books everywhere! And I'm not exaggerating. We counted them. Mom told me that I could show Jamie when I thought the time was right. I showed him last week. On his birthday when our dad was asleep. We slept there that night and didn't go to school. I called us in sick. We were really good friends with the principal and she understood when we needed some time off. She would send a student over to drop off our homework and we would do it all before my dad got home. It was pretty impressive if you ask me.

     Halfway up Barns street, I realize that Jamie is no longer next to me.
     "Alright Jamie, come on its too cold out to hide right now." I stand and listen for a reply but I don't get one.     
     "Come one Jamie.." Still no reply.
     "CASSIE! CASSIE HELP ME!" I hear his screams come from the forest next to me. I drop my bag and run into the trees. Jumping and ducking over and under branches and roots.
     "JAMIE...WHERE ARE YOU?" I stop to listen but I can't hear anything besides a running river.
     "HELP ME!" I run and run until I get to the river. He couldn't of gotten this far. No one lives on that side of the river. It was against our community to even cross it. I couldn't take the chance but I had to find my little brother.
     "I'LL BE BACK JAMIE! HOLD ON!" I start to head back when I trip over something. Not a root, or a branch. It was Jamie's shoe. Did he really cross the river? I start to slowly walk towards the river again but I hear crunching of leaves behind me. I run to a nearby tree and start to climb. I get to the second highest branch and I sit there quietly. Hiding from whatever was coming. I couldn't see anything. I peer above the limb overhead. I can't see anyone, but I still hear the crunching of the leaves.
     "Who's there?" I hear someone say. I duck down and cover my mouth, quietly letting tears slip down my face. I sit for what seems like forever and I'm getting tired. I peer back up over the limb and right there before my eyes was something unimaginable, and whatever it was, had Jamie. The only catch? It was across the river.

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