In love <3

Emily had all she wanted, a great family, a boyfriend that loved her, a lovely house!
Everything was perfect.
But one day her Ex (Niall) arrives at her house and asks if Emily could give him another chance.
What will she do?
Will she carry on her perfect life? Or Will she go back to Niall?


2. Walked in

Niall's P.O.V.


So, Emily is my EX- and I wish I never cheated on her for Kate, the most popular girl in school. But Kate broke up with me, leaving me regretting cheating on Emily. I want her back... But she's found this new boy. Captain of the football team, most popular boy in school... Charlie



I walked into Mr Song's classroom ready for lesson.

"3rd person late! What's wrong with this class????"

"Nothing sir" I told him with attitude.

"I preferred teaching you all in kinder garden when none of you had ATTITUDE!" He tried making a joke of.

Nobody laughed.

I giggled at myself as I sat down. It was trauma as I had to sit opposite Emily. I had to look at her beautiful eyes I missed, her gorgeous chocolate brown hair that used to melt in my hands. I missed her so much. But she would never ever get back with me. I told this to Jake, my best mate. All he had to SING not say was "NEVER SAY NEVER" singing to the Justin Bieber song.


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