forever is a long time

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible.

Harry lives a secret life that not many people know about, Except for his coven; Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They are all apart of it. They do their best to keep it hidden, until on one dark and eerie night Harry was caught in the act, forever changing the poor life of Kristy.


15. this is it

Kristy pov As we laid on the floor kissing I couldn't believe what was happening I couldn't even comprehend it, all I know is that I was enjoying it more than what I should. How is it that I'm making out with the monster that wanted me dead not too long ago. After a good 5minutes of straight making out I pulled away he just looked at me. "Harry what was all that about?" I questioned. "I don't know I just couldn't help myself when you opened the door I just couldn't resist so I went for it sorry." he said. "No no it"s okay just don't let it happen again ok." I stated. "Anyways where's Liam." I asked. his face grew tense as he starred at me. "He went to feed he sent me to watch you." he sounded pissed off as he was saying it by him giving me what seemed like an attitude I decided to give one back. "Well I wouldn't have to be watched if I wasn't stuck here living with monsters." I said raising my voice. "Watch what you say that pretty little mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble." he snapped. "Can you just leave I'm sure Liam is on his way back." I hissed. "Whatever you want princess I'll just stand outside your door til he gets here wouldn't want Louis getting ahold of you or would I." he said turning to walk towards the door. "Sleep tight though don't let Louis bite." he said through laughter. I watched him leave the room fear taking over my body Harry knew exactly how to get me to shut up, I sat on the bed waiting for Liam. Harrys pov I left hers and Liam's room feeling accomplished I find it funny when she tries to argue back I give her credit for her courage but I always knew how to make her quiet it never took much I just had to threaten her with Lou and it worked everytime, poor girl Louis really does frighten her. I thought about what took place a little while ago I couldn't help but smile to myself she is gorgeous and she's a really good kisser, while I was kissing her I felt feelings I never felt before it was weird, she made me feel warm inside and I swear I felt my heart beat for just a second but I couldn't of I'm dead and dead people do not have a heartbeat. While I was kissing her I let the words that Liam said ring through my head she's the one the only one who can make your heartbeat again. I now know he was telling me the truth by the way she made me feel. I got a little jealous when she asked where Liam was like she wanted him to hurry back, she's probably still uncomfortable around but there's no doubt in my mind I know she enjoyed that kiss as much as I did. I been sitting on this floor for a good while now and I couldn't help but think what is taking Liam so long, the more I sit here and think about the more worried I'm getting, he isn't one that just runs off he feeds and then comes straight back, what scares me the most is that were not the only vampires out there and they're pretty much the only ones that can hurt us unless you stab us in our hearts then it doesn't matter who you are. I got up and opened Kristy's door to find her sleeping she looks so peaceful, she doesn't figid or squirm like she used to when she slept in my room, I guess she was comfortable with Liam Damn I thought, Liam I almost forgot he wasn't here it's like Kristy takes all my worries away. I have to tell the boys I think something happened to Liam "Shit." I cursed to myself that means I have to talk to Lou. I zoomed downstairs to the frontroom. "BOYS!!!" I shouted they were down there in seconds they knew something was wrong or atleast I thought something was wrong. "Liam isn't home yet I don't if he's hurt if something has happened to him or what I have a bad feeling." I said my words rushing out. "Whoa Haz calm down I'm sure he's alright." Zayn said but his expression told a different story as if he knew there was something wrong. "Don't give me that shit Zayn I can tell by your face you feel it too." he remained silent and just shook his head from left to right. "Well what do we do." asked a very worried Niall. "We go look for him." Louis said raising his voice a bit. "But what about Kristy." I asked "Fuck that human one of your best mates are missing, something horrible might have happened and your worried about a god damn human." he yelled. I was holding back my anger but he was right something bad could have happened we might never see Liam again if we don't go look for him so I held back my anger. "You're right let's go." I said after that being said we rushed out the door. Kristys pov I was awoken by what sounded like the front door being slammed, I said up calling out for Liam no answer then I called out Harry's name and still no answer I called for each one of the boys and there was no answer I was never left home alone either Liam or Harry had to watch me so what the hell is going on I thought. I sat up pulling the blankets off of my legs I slowly placed my feet on the floor stood up and made my way towards the door "Hello." I called out still no answer I have no idea what is going on and I'm slightly scared without the boys here weird right you would think I felt safer but I didn't the silence scares me and I'm surround it by it now. Then I heard the all to familiar sound SWOOSH! I looked around and saw nothing I felt like I was back in the woods but I wasn't I was standing in the hallway in the boy's house. Then I heard something that wasn't familiar an evil laugh I didn't hesitate I ran to my bedroom slamming and locking the door, I ran and jumped in to my bed throwing the blankets over my head I was shaking due to how scared I was. Your dreaming Kris I told myself "Wake up dummy wake up." I begged but nothing was happening I was still stuck in this nightmare, then I heard the laugh again I screamed letting the fear get the best of me I heard footsteps coming closer to the bed and I felt myself tense up I wasn't ready for whatever was coming my way, but then all of sudden the footsteps stopped and the laughing went away it took all my strength to pull myself and take the blanket off of my head. I looked around the room and nothing was there was I imagining all of this am I going crazy. Just then the window flew open and a figure of a man appeared I was starring at eyes that I did not recognize. "Hello sweetheart." his said. His voice was deep and just plain scary, I starred at the man tears brimming my eyes threatening to fall "Who are you." my voice coming out as a whisper. He laughed again revealing his fangs. "I'm the last person you're gonna see alive." he growled ludging at me I let out a ear piercing scream he scooped me up and jumped out the same window he came through. All I was thinking was this is it I'm gonna die.
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