forever is a long time

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible.

Harry lives a secret life that not many people know about, Except for his coven; Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They are all apart of it. They do their best to keep it hidden, until on one dark and eerie night Harry was caught in the act, forever changing the poor life of Kristy.


16. Kratos

Still Kristy pov After jumping out of the window in the arms of a man I never seen before, he started to run at in human speed going so fast I couldn't see anything I even began feeling dizzy, I had know idea where he was taking me or why. I understand he's a vampire and vampires feed on the human race but this felt personal like there was a reason he took me and I just couldn't figure it out. We were only running for what seemed like seconds when he came to a halt. I took this time to pick up my head to take in my surroundings, I had no idea where I was we literally looked like we were in a small town that fell off the map with no sign of life anywhere, broken down houses, garbage everywhere I could tell we were so far from the woods, so far away from Liam and Harry. He set me down so that I was standing on my own two feet again as I stood there I felt like they were gonna give out. I felt a hand on my lower back I turned around terrified his ice cold hands just didn't feel right. He forcefully pushed me forward "walk." he growled. I took in a deep breath and began walking to where I have no idea. We weren't walking for long maybe about 5 minutes tops if that. We stopped in front of this old runed down building it looked like it was literally falling apart, the windows were broken the door was falling of the hinges it just looked plain scary he tapped 3 times on the door and it swung open. Inside the building was completely different from the outside, it was like outside was a mirrored image For some strange reason I felt the inside of the building was scarier it was dark only being lit by candle light the furniture looked like it was from the 1800 hundreds and you could hear faint screaming in the background. "What is that." I asked referring to the faint screams. "Ahh that's just you future." he glared. I shivered letting his words sink in. He grabbed me forcefully by my wrist and led me down the hallway, the screaming wasn't so faint anymore it sounded like it was right in front of me. He stopped in front of a red door. "Your home for now until I decide when your time is up." I didn't say a word he just pushed me in the room resulted in me landing on me hands and knees. The room was dark with nothing in it I felt around for a bed and found nothing, however I did feel a little mat in the right hand corner next to the mat was a candle just enough light was coming from the candle to light the corner. Then I noticed I wasn't alone I felt myself begin to panic I tried to steady my breathing. I Heard a noise like something or someone was sniffing the air I tried to stay as quiet as possible but it wasn't working a few sounds leaving my mouth. I couldn't see a thing other than the mat the sniffing was coming from the other side of the room. I stood up and backed myself in the corner knowing at any giving time I was gonna be attacked. I braced myself I felt a gust of wind blow through my hair and ice cold hands on my arms I was yanked away from the corner and thrown to the mat. My head bounced off of the mat from the force I felt a body crawling on top of me sniffing me I was too terrified to open my eyes. I expected to be dead in a few seconds but death never came I felt the body that was once on top of me lift itself off I looked around in confusion. In the corner I seen a boy holding his knees as if he was regretting what just happened, I don't know why but I felt myself move closer to him. What the hell am I doing I thought to myself he was gonna kill you now you wanna comfort him. My mind is all screwed up as I made my way closer to him he was still hugging his knees is forehead pressed to his arms. "It's okay." I found myself saying out loud I didn't get an answer back only silence. I sat next to the boy our bodies inches from eachother I placed my hand on his knee and repeated "It's okay." I heard movement and I began to get scared but all of that washed away when I was met by his eyes. "Liam?" Harrys pov We cant find Liam anywhere we've been looking for ages and there's no sign of him. My mind even started to get the best of me what happens if we were too late what happens if Liam isn't with us anymore he could be dead. I shook my head trying to rid the thoughts when I got a pain in my heart, the pain being so severe it brought to my knees. " Harry mate you okay?" I heard Zayn ask. "No I'm not something is wrong terribly wrong." I said. "What do you think it is?" he questioned. "To be honest I think it's Kristy." I stated. Zayn wasn't like Louis he didn't give me shit about her instead he was happy for me he knew none of us wanted this life and he knew eventually each one of us would find our true mate he said he even seen it. "Harry go you have to protect even if this is a false alarm you must go." he shouted. "Thanks buddy." I said. I took off running when something caught hold of my arm. "Where ya going?" Lou spat. I threw his hand off me. "This isn't the time or place but if you must know I have to get back to Kristy." I shouted we were only a few feet away from eachother. "Again putting a human before your brother." he growled. "Fuck off Lou a day will come when you do the same for the one you love." I didn't wait for him to answer I just took off running again reaching the house in no time. I sped up to Liam's room pushing the door open to reveal an empty room, I noticed the window was shattered. I ran through the entire house searching for her and found no sign of her she was gone. I sat down on the couch in the frontroom letting my thoughts take over I knew she didn't run on her own free will again I knew someone took her, again I was thinking the worse what happens if she was dead too what happens if I never see her or Liam again. I ran my hands through my curls in frustration. The poor girl been through enough none of us made it easy for her I should of just left her alone but I couldn't I knew she was special I just didn't know how special. I told her she was ruining everything but in reality it was me who ruined everything. I couldn't help but feel guilty before my thoughts could get the best of me I seen Zayn make his way through the front door. "What is that horrible smell." he asked. "What smell I don't smell anything." I answered. "How could you not it so foul." he stated. but I really couldn't smell what he was smelling which was weird. "Is she here?" he asked once again breaking me away from my thoughts I just shook my head letting it hang low. "Don't worry man we will find her and Liam." he reassured me. I just smiled at the hopeful Zayn. "Take me to where she was last." he said. I got up and led the way back up stairs with him following me. I watched as we got closer and closer Zayn covering up his nose. "Mate you really don't smell that." he asked again. "No." I stated sounding a bit annoyed why couldn't I smell it. We entered their room and Zayn looked disgusted. "What is it." I questioned. "He took her Harry." he whispered. "He who Zayn who is he." I yelled not because I was mad at him I just wanted to know. "Kratos." he whispered. I felt all hope leave Kratos will stop at nothing until she is dead he hates me. A few years ago I had a run in with him we were never found of eachother. He used to be part of our coven until one day he wanted more he wanted to run things and that's not how we do it. We all have a say in what happens no one in particular calls the shots but Kratos wanted to call the shots so we kicked him out. He wants nothing more then for all of us to die. Like I was saying a few years back I had run in with him I was trying to put a end to him all he was doing was creating new vampires which made it difficult to hunt. Instead of killing him I killed his true mate and fled knowing he would come back to find me, but I thought he gave up it was so long ago and now he's back to take from me what I took from him. Kristys pov "Liam." I questioned. silence filled the empty room again. "Liam it's okay talk to me say something." I yelled. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to attack you I just smelt that a human was present so I attacked." he said. "It's okay you didn't hurt me don't beat yourself up over it." I stated and he smiled. "Do you know where we are?" I asked. he shook his head yes. "Where Liam where?" I asked sounding a bit too excited. "Basically you can call this place hell you and me will never see the light of day again, there's this man named Kratos he used to be one of our brothers before he turned against us I mean we helped him do it he wanted to be in charge 24/7 so we kicked him out of our coven, the reason you're here is because Harry killed his true mate because he knew it would lead Kratos back to us so we can finish him off." he said. I just sat there taking in everything Liam just told me tears falling down my cheeks I couldn't help but sob. "Kris?" Liam question. "Yea?" I asked. "You have the same fate as Kratos's true mate he will stop at nothing until he kills you I'm sorry." he said sympathetically. Before I could tell Liam I don't blame him and It's okay the door flew open causing my hair to blow back with the wind it created. In a matter of seconds I felt a hand digging into my arm leading me out of the room. "LIAM!!!" I shouted. "I'm sorry Kris so sorry."
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